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Faculty Sabbaticals

The full sabbatical policy is available in the Faculty Handbook under section XI, D. Below is a brief outline of the process of applying for a sabbatical:

What is Required in the Sabbatical Plan You Provide to Your Chairperson and Departmental Sabbatical Review Committee (by end of September):

  1. Your name and the name of the department in which you are tenured.
  2. Your total full-time continuous faculty service since your last sabbatical (or appointment to the faculty if you have never been approved for sabbatical). Please include date when you had your last sabbatical (if any).
  3. The semester(s) and academic year for which sabbatical leave is requested.
  4. A description of your project including:
  1. 25-50 word synopsis of the sabbatical project;
  2. projected activities and outcomes;
  3. a timetable for the accomplishment of each of the outcomes;
  4. the place or places at which the activities will be carried out;
  5. the persons or organizations with whom or under whose auspices the activities will be performed;
  6. any known or foreseeable contingencies which may affect the project;
  7. anticipated sources and the amount of financial support needed for the sabbatical project, if any.
A sample sabbatical plan is available to the right to guide you in this process.

What is required in the sabbatical packet going to your Dean (by end of October):
  1. Revised sabbatical plan (based on input from chairperson and Departmental Sabbatical Review Committee).
  2. A summary statement from your Chair of your most recent faculty evaluation and how the sabbatical will contribute to your professional development.
  3. A copy of the departmental sabbatical review committee's review of your plan, with names and signatures of Committee members.
  4. A completed leave of absence form, obtained from the Office of Human Resources.
  5. The signature page signed by you, your chairperson, and your dean (download the signature page to the right).
Activities and Due Dates for Sabbatical Process:
  1. By end of September: Sabbatical candidate submits proposed sabbatical plan to Chairperson and Departmental Sabbatical Review Committee for review and input.
  2. By end of October: Departmental Sabbatical Review Committee provides written feedback to the sabbatical candidate and the Chairperson, who works with faculty person to revise plan accordingly. Chairperson writes letter of support and includes it in sabbatical packet that goes to the Dean.
  3. By end of November: Dean reviews proposals and forwards the proposals deemed of merit to the Associate Provost for Faculty and Administrative Affairs.
  4. By the end of third week in January: Associate Provost for Faculty and Administrative Affairs reviews proposals, notifies candidates, Chairpersons, and Deans of the sabbatical awards, and processes the necessary paperwork.
  5. By the 16th of the month following your return from sabbatical: Sabbatical report due.

Office of the Provost

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