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Faculty Maternity Leave Procedures

Procedures for Faculty Maternity Leave

1.  Read the Faculty Maternity Leave Policy in the Faculty Benefits Handbook.

2.  Determine the semester in which you are eligible for leave. If your due date falls within a fall or spring semester, you are eligible for leave during that semester. If your due date falls within one month prior to the start of a semester, you are eligible for leave during that semester immediately following your due date. This maternity leave policy does not apply to your non-contractual time, and leave time may not be saved and used later.

3.  Determine what length of leave you wish to take. Since teaching is generally a 16-week commitment, a maternity leave is usually taken for the full semester; however, if you wish to take less than a full semester of leave, team-taught courses, on-line course instruction, or a reduced teaching load, as agreed upon by you and your department chair, are other possibilities.

4.  Determine which type or types of leave you wish to take. A maternity leave can be any combination of these three types of leave as determined by you and your department chair:

  1. Leave with full pay may be taken by using your accrued salary continuation. Under the University of Dayton's salary continuation program, all tenured and tenure track faculty members and continuing non-tenure-track faculty accrue one month (four weeks) of medical leave with full pay for each year of service completed, up to six months. No more than three months (twelve weeks) of salary continuation may be applied to a maternity leave; however, if you have three or more months accrued, you are not required to use all three. If you have less than three months accrued, you may take the remaining months up to three at half salary. Contact the Faculty Benefits Manager in the Office of Human Resources to determine the number of months of salary continuation you have accrued.
  2. If you wish to have leave without using your accrued salary continuation time, you may work with your department chair to determine a range of duties to fill a specified amount of time. These duties must be solid, deliverable, and beneficial to the department; examples include specific service responsibilities, department projects or research efforts, or an additional course taught as "overload" in another semester. Sample letters describing plans for non-teaching duties are available here: Sample Letter #1 and Sample Letter #2. Final approval of plans for these duties rests with the Office of the Provost, and plans must be submitted along with the Maternity Leave Application Form to the Office of the Provost.
  3. Unpaid leave may also be taken as determined by you and your department chair. No non-teaching duties are required for this type of leave.

#1 - Ten weeks of accrued salary continuation may be used along with six weeks of non-teaching duties for a semester release with full pay.

#2 - Eight weeks of salary continuation, four weeks of non-teaching duties, and four weeks of unpaid leave may be taken for a semester release with twelve weeks of pay.

5.  Determine the impact on your tenure clock, if applicable. For non-tenured, tenure track faculty, the tenure review date will be postponed by one year, unless indicated otherwise on the Maternity Leave Application Form. More information can be found in the Faculty Handbook under section IV.C.01.2. Regulations on Academic Freedom and Tenure: Probationary Appointments.

6.  Three items must be completed and returned to the Office of the Provost at least 30 days before leave begins:

  1. Completed Leave of Absence form obtained from the Human Resources Benefits Manager.
  2. A completed Maternity Leave Application Form.
  3. If you will be performing non-teaching duties as described in #4b above, describe these duties in a Modified Duties Agreement signed by the faculty member, department chair, and dean.  Sample agreements describing duties are available in item #4b above. Final approval of plans for these duties rests with the Office of the Provost. 
If you have questions, please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions or contact the Office of Human Resources at 937-229-2541.

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