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Educational Leadership Council (ELC) Membership

Educational Leadership Council (ELC) Membership

2.1 Standing members
(a) Membership in ELC shall consist of:

  1. The President and Provost of the University;
  2. All the faculty and student members of Executive Committee of the Academic Senate;
  3. All deans of academic units serving on the Academic Senate;
  4. The chairs of the standing committees of the Academic Senate, and
  5. The Vice President for Finance and Administrative Services of the University.

The Co-Chairs of the ELC shall be:

  1. the President of the University; and
  2. the President of the Academic Senate.

(b) If none of the persons specified in paragraph 2.1(a) are persons formally affiliated with the Society of Mary, then a member of the University’s Office for Mission and Identity and Rector shall be invited as a guest to each meeting of the ELC.

2.2 Guests of the ELC
(a) If necessary in order to advance discussion, the ELC may invite other members of the University community or external guests to ELC meetings. The invitation may be to a specific meeting or meetings, or be a standing invitation to all meetings.

(b) Any person who is entitled to attend meetings of the Executive Committee of the Academic Senate as a standing guest or a representative of a University body is also entitled to attend meetings of the ELC as a standing guest.

2016-17 Educational Leadership Council (ELC) Membership (PDF)


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