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Meeting Agendas & Notes

ELC Meeting Agendas & Notes

Regular meetings of the ELC are held once each month during the academic year, and when required in the summer. Emergency meetings of the ELC may be called by the Co-Chairs, at any time, and may be held only in the event of or to consider any matter where time is of the essence and the matter cannot wait until the next scheduled meeting of the ELC.

An annotated agenda/meeting notes, indicating the range of discussion, will be drafted and sent by the Executive Assistant to the Provost to ELC members to make available to the members’ constituents following the meeting. This annotated agenda/meeting notes will reside on the President’s Office and Provost Office websites.

ELC Meeting Notes (eCommons)

Academic Year 2016-17 Agendas

Academic Year 2015-16 Agendas


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