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The CAP is the foundation of a UD education.

The CAP is a learning experience that is shared in common among all undergraduate students at UD regardless of their major.

The CAP introduces and cultivates many different modes of learning within the academic framework of a comprehensive university

The CAP is an organic system that begins with a set of courses that all undergraduate students at UD complete, after which you put together a program that suits your own interests and goals.

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Why the CAP?

We live in a global society that is constantly changing.  As one of tomorrow's leaders, you will need to understand its complexity and how to respond thoughtfully to its challenges and opportunities.

The CAP introduces important topics across a wide range of academic disciplines.  You will learn to value and synthesize diverse points of view and to examine issues critically yet with an open mind.

The CAP integrates traditional learning with life experiences, theory with application, and practicality with creativity.

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