CAP Committees and Work Groups

  • CAP Committee (CAPC)
  • CAP Leadership Team (CAPL)
  • CAP Associate Deans Work Group
  • CAP Faculty Development Work Group


The CAP Committee (CAPC) is a standing committee of the Academic Policies Committee of the Academic Senate.  Approved minutes of the CAPC may be found on the UD eCommons site.  The CAPC has the following responsibilities:

  • Review proposals for courses and experiences that will form the components of the CAP
  • Approve courses that meet CAP requirements
  • Facilitate communication and collaboration among faculty proposing courses
  • Generate an annual list of approved courses (see CAP Advising)
  • Monitor and evaluate CAP courses

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The CAP Leadership Committee (CAPL) has the following responsibilities:

  • Promote faculty understanding and participation in CAP
  • Serve as liaisons within their respective units
  • Implement CAP innovations awards

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CAP Associate Deans

The CAP Associate Deans Work Group provides a collaborative venue to address CAP implementation issues in these ways:

  • Facilitate transition of courses from General Education to CAP
  • Generate advising documents
  • Prepare revisions for the Academic Catalog

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CAP Faculty Development

The CAP Faculty Development Work Group serves to:

  • Develop CAP faculty development opportunities
  • Facilitate CAP faculty development opportunities

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