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Principles of Oral Communication: CMM 100

Achieving Mutual Understanding

Principles of Oral Communication

CMM 100 introduces the relationship between communication and democratic life in contemporary and historical contexts. It examines the importance of communication in achieving mutual understanding and provides the opportunity to demonstrate effective and ethical dialogue. Students learn to structure messages that deliver complex information to non‐experts, effectively advocate a position, and critique the messages of others. 

Through Effective & Ethical Dialogue

Develop Skills

in explanation, persuasion and dialogue.

Better Engage Others

in civil and productive dialogues about controversial issues.

Upon completion of the course, students will be able to:
  • Understand and engage in civil dialogue with other individuals or groups about controversial issues.
  • Effectively explain complex ideas to non-experts.
  • Advocate a position using use logic and credible evidence.
  • Critically analyze and evaluate oral messages presented to public audiences by others.

There are a variety of ways this course builds, enriches and complements other elements of CAP:

  • On a content level, students will encounter some of the same philosophers and thinkers they see in the Humanities Commons in CMM 100, just from a different perspective (i.e. Aristotle, Plato, Cicero, etc.). They will also learn some of the similarities and differences between written and oral communication, thus creating a natural link with their English requirements.
  • On the skills dimension, students will learn how to explain material to an audience, something they will need to do in upper division courses.
  • Additionally, the ability to engage in dialogue and to debate positions through persuasive advocacy, skills which this class stresses, will find connections in virtually every other course they take at UD.

This course guide is designed for students enrolled in CMM 100 and includes resources to facilitate course assignments and projects. 

CMM 100 LibGuide

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