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Visitor and guests guidelines

Our Catholic, Marianist mission and identity calls us to exercise our mutual commitment to community now more than ever to promote safety and help lessen the risk of COVID-19 spread. This will require significant limitations on the number and activities of visitors to campus.

While the University prides itself on being a place of hospitality, our guidelines seek to limit access, especially inside campus buildings, to only “essential visitors," those individuals directly engaged in fulfilling or sustaining UD's education and research activities. The guidelines apply to guest speakers, alumni, guest researchers, contractors or other visitors to campus who may be invited by academic or administrative individuals or units as well as individual students or student groups. These guidelines also apply to informal visits or those for strictly social purposes. Exceptions for guests and visitors on University property can be found below in the "Certain facility exceptions" section.

Current students

No external guests or visitors will be permitted in University residences, including in the student neighborhoods (also to include the property of the residences), until further notice as per the Student Code of Conduct on page 13 and the COVID agreement. Exceptions for guests and visitors on University property can be found below in the "Certain facility exceptions" section.

Process for getting an “essential visitor” approved. University-related visitors (those invited to visit campus, regardless of whether the University is paying for the visit) will be restricted to essential visitors only.

All speaker events for students or student groups - outside of normal in-person, academic classroom operations - must be held virtually. Students and student groups who wish to hold an event with a guest speaker are subject to the guest speaker approval process through event registration in 1850. More information on the approval process can be found in the University's Gathering and Events Guidelines.

Requests to sponsor or host such visitors, including speakers for in-person classes, must be approved in advance by your dean or vice president. These requests should include a justification why the on-campus visit is essential (including why the goals of the visit cannot be attained virtually or at another time), as well as the proposed itinerary for the visit, including any anticipated gatherings of more than five people during the visit. Deans and vice presidents will approve the requested visit as essential based upon: 

  1. An assessment of the need for the visit (including why a virtual option is not sufficient or possible); 
  2. The immediate importance and relationship of the requested visit to the University’s core mission of teaching and research; and 
  3. Whether the proposed visitor would be arriving from a state with a COVID-19 positivity rate of 15% or higher, or otherwise from a location with a significantly high level of outbreak.
  4. The potential long-term consequences to the University of not hosting the requested visit during the semester. 
  5. Whether additional requirements or protocols (e.g., quarantine time before stepping foot on campus) should be applied to the visit.

Any approval granted by your dean or vice president must be in writing. Email suffices for such purposes.

Contractors and vendors whose work is performed on campus, such as custodial, maintenance, construction projects, deliveries of goods and services etc., will be designated as "essential visitors" by the hiring unit's dean or vice president.

The University will not pay or reimburse expenses for visits that are not approved in advance by your dean or vice president. University-related essential visitors must comply with the University’s expectations regarding face coverings, hand hygiene, physical distancing, traffic flow/patterns (as indicated by signage), and any other protocols or measures required as a condition of approving the visit. 

Visitor responsibilities and expectations. Being on the campus of the University of Dayton is the sole, voluntary decision of the visiting individual and/or the individual’s sponsoring company, organization or employer. All guests and visitors must complete a pre-assessment prior to arriving on campus, which includes a self-temperature and symptom assessment. Anyone with a temperature of 100.4⁰ F or greater and/or exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms (e.g., cough, chills, new loss of taste or smell, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing; check for latest symptoms here) must not come to campus. Once on site, everyone must follow physical distancing guidelines, wear a face covering, and abide by University of Dayton protocols to help reduce the spread of the coronavirus.  

All guests and visitors who test positive for COVID-19 prior to, during or within 14 days after their visit to campus are expected to notify the University, using the COVID-19 Health Reporting form. The Health Center will follow up if the positive test / incident corresponds with the time they were on campus and expect them to cooperate with campus contact tracers and health authorities. Guests and visitors who choose to come to campus acknowledge and accept the risk of potential community spread of COVID-19, and that following all protocols will not completely eliminate this risk. 

  1. Approved guests (essential visitors) are required to follow UD's health and safety guidelines as well as those of the Ohio Department of Health Travel Advisory.
  2. The unit responsible for bringing contractors and vendors to campus is responsible for communicating and ensuring compliance with the University’s health and safety protocols regarding face coverings, hand hygiene, physical distancing and any other specific measures the University may adopt. Contractors and vendors may be asked to adopt new practices in the interest of health and safety, e.g., drop-off of deliveries at a new location.
  3. Those attending events on campus during the semester will be expected to comply with the protocols outlined in the University's Gathering and Events Guidelines.

Certain facility exceptions: While most campus facilities will be limited to members of the campus community and approved invited guests, there will be limited exceptions for those facilities whose purpose is to serve the broader public:

  • The Chapel of the Immaculate Conception and the University Bookstore will continue to welcome the general public, subject to the mandatory health protocols prominently displayed in each building and subject to any unique procedures those facilities have established, such as requiring  appointments. 
  • Certain University buildings (e.g., RecPlex, etc.) have a hybrid purpose, serving the campus community and some members of the broader community. Mandatory health protocols will be prominently displayed at each of these buildings.
  • The Roesch Library building will be open to University of Dayton faculty, staff and students. All entrances are card-access only; you must use your UD ID and properly wear a face covering to enter the building. This website provides information about what you can expect when you visit the library, including our recent service adaptations and how you can help us ensure your library visit and those of others are positive experiences.

Note: Faculty and staff who regularly travel to campus to perform their University duties are not considered “visitors” to campus, nor is their commute to campus considered “travel.” Additionally, individuals who are enrolled in any form of UD course -- even if only intermittently -- are not considered “visitors” for purposes of this guidance document.