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Frequently asked questions about UD's requirements and protocols for COVID-19 testing

What if employees start exhibiting symptoms while on campus?

If a faculty or staff member begins exhibiting symptoms while they are on campus, they should leave campus immediately and consult their primary care provider. 

Here is the latest information on COVID-19 testing for employees (9/25/2020).

Faculty and staff should report COVID-19-related health conditions at the COVID-19 Health Reporting webpage. Use the forms to self-disclose positive COVID-19 test results, report a close contact exposure to UD if they have been contacted by public health officials, or provide a "final day" symptoms update on the last day of quarantine/isolation. 

For employees who are required to quarantine, the amount of time needed to cover the quarantine period will be added to their accrued paid sick leave balance to preserve their existing balance to be used for other incidents of illness. Contact Beth Schwartz at if you have questions about how quarantine may affect sick leave. 

If I test positive, will my information be kept private?

The University will attempt to protect the privacy of individuals who have a positive COVID-19 test result, especially within the UD community. However, the University will coordinate with public health officials so that appropriate measures, such as contact tracing, can be taken to slow the spread of infection. Certain campus and public health officials will need to know the identity of anyone who tests positive. Because the University considers any positive COVID-19 test result to be a health and safety emergency, the University has set aside housing for any students who end up with a positive test result. Parents of students transferred to isolation housing will be notified. See the FAQ on contact tracing for more information.