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Message to campus about recalling furloughed employees

July 16, 2020

Dear faculty and staff,

With a clearer picture of the University’s fall enrollment and the Path Forward Plan under implementation, we are grateful to be able to recall employees who were furloughed due to the COVID-19 pandemic and suspended activities on campus. We are bringing these members of our community back to work in phases through Sept. 1. Some employees began returning in early July, and the majority will be back at work within the next three weeks. As described in the Path Forward Plan, all employees who can perform their responsibilities remotely will do so, likely for the duration of the fall semester.

Supervisors either have already contacted or will soon contact employees directly to discuss their return-to-work dates and answer any questions and concerns they might have. Return dates are based on the timeframe of the work that needs to be completed before fall semester begins. All full-time lecturers and clinical faculty have also been awarded contracts, a process that was delayed for some members of our faculty because of the great uncertainty related to the pandemic.

The decisions to furlough and lay off employees and delay contracts were incredibly painful for our close-knit campus. We want to thank everyone who reached out to those who were affected during these recent months to offer words of prayer, encouragement and support, as well as those who contributed to the emergency assistance fund created by the Marianists.

We will need to continue to care for each other as we enter the fall semester. While the fall enrollment outlook is presently strong, we are showing our faith in our University and our community in returning to full employment as we await the arrival of students. Much remains uncertain about the pandemic, including whether regional conditions or an outbreak on campus could force us to return to remote learning. This and the resulting loss of revenue could require the University to take additional steps to significantly reduce operating expenditures, including those related to employment and compensation. We must continue to follow the example of our Marianist founders to recognize and respond courageously, but prudently, to the times.

The University will remain vigilant, and thus other measures we have taken to protect the financial health of the institution will remain in place for the time being, including the cessation of most capital spending, minimal hiring activity, temporary halt to retirement contributions for all employees, and a voluntary pay reduction taken by senior leaders. We plan to update the campus on our financial situation and fiscal year 2021 operating budget next month, when the fall picture should be clearer. Additionally, you can review a summary report on the demographic impact of May employment actions on Porches.

We have a lot to look forward to as we continue to plan for a fall semester on campus. Please remember that you can reach out to your supervisor or Human Resources with questions about furloughs. You can also find information about returning to work — whether on campus or remotely — and protective measures that will be in place on campus at

We wish you and your families safety and good health.

Warm wishes,
Eric F. Spina

Paul H. Benson
Provost and Executive Vice President of Academic Affairs

Andrew Horner
Executive Vice President of Business and Administrative Services

Troy Washington
Vice President for Human Resources