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Message to students about change in campus status


Dear students, 

This is a brief but critically important message to UD students. Later today, the Campus Status level will be raised, signifying a serious threat to our ability to remain on campus. Several small clusters of the COVID-19 virus are emerging because some students are not abiding by required safety measures. These students are ignoring the safety protocols put into place to help keep us on campus this fall. Students are gathering in groups that are larger than allowed, having parties, not wearing face coverings, and not observing physical distancing.  

Students who have tested positive have returned home to isolate. Through contact tracing, those students identified as close contacts have entered 14-day quarantine periods. All will start the semester remotely and most have already left campus. Through these measures, we believe these clusters can be contained at this time. 

Let me be clear: students whose behavior violated our safety measures have moved us one step closer to studying remotely for the fall semester. More stringent measures are necessary to slow the spread across campus and reduce opportunity for additional clusters to emerge. 

Effective immediately we are instituting and reinforcing these measures. Individuals who refuse to comply will be required to leave campus and study remotely.  

  • Students who do not fully cooperate with contact tracers are putting the entire campus at risk and will be sent home immediately. 
  • Informal, non-University-sanctioned social gatherings of more than 10 people continue to be prohibited.
  • Student organizations may meet in person only as approved. Organizations that violate this requirement and/or safety measures will be suspended and their activities prohibited at least through the end of the semester. 
  • All students, faculty and staff, as well as visitors, must comply with physical distancing and wear face coverings when they are outside with others, including socializing on porches. 

Further, we need everyone's help and cooperation with contact tracers if we are to minimize clusters of infection and prevent them from endangering the health and safety of other students, faculty and staff. 

We do not want to be the next university to finish our semester on campus just after it begins. We have faith in you, our students, and believe that you can come together as a community to do the right things that will help keep us together. 

We know you want to be here. We want you here, but we cannot allow those who are careless to jeopardize the safety of others and your college experience. We need your help to remain in community throughout this semester. 

President Spina