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Message on campus status levels and confirmed COVID-19 cases

Dear students, faculty, and staff,  

With all of the new measures and protocols in place to help reduce the spread of COVID-19 on campus, we must be mindful that in spite of our planning and care, we should be prepared for changes in pandemic conditions that could require us to take stronger measures, and even move to remote learning.  

The University, in consultation with our distinguished medical advisory panel and Public Health - Dayton and Montgomery County, has established key tracking metrics and identified five "Campus Status" levels to describe key conditions on campus and in the community. 

We will monitor various metrics and have established decision points to guide us in the event pandemic conditions require changes. Considerations will include: 

  • number of confirmed cases among students and employees;
  • mapping of cases across the footprint of campus; 
  • number of known cases in the county, including the county alert level according to the Ohio Department of Health; 
  • our capacity to isolate and quarantine students; and 
  • capacity at local hospitals.  

The University publicly will identify the “Campus Status” as a value from Status 1 to Status 5, will communicate that status at all times on the COVID-19 website, and will broadcast any change in status to faculty, staff, and students. Confirmed cases of COVID-19 connected to UD are also posted on this page.  

In making decisions that affect our operations or academic delivery, we will continue to monitor key metrics and secure expert analysis; changes in a Campus Status could come from external public health guidance or primarily internal assessments. 

The University is committed to open communication, transparency, and principles of shared governance. We will communicate decisions about changes in status as quickly as possible via email, Porches, social media, news media, and/or the alert bar at In emergency situations, the University will also use the Public Safety notification system.

As students return to campus, I thank all those whose efforts have enabled us to put together strong programs and plans that position us well to resume learning, living, and working together on campus. I continue to encourage you to be vigilant about physical distancing, face coverings, and hand washing so that we can continue to stay in the green Campus Status throughout the semester. 

Eric F. Spina