See UD's plans to return to teaching, learning and research on campus this fall with measures in place to promote safety and lessen the risk of COVID-19 spread.

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The Path Forward: Messages

Previous Messages

The provost's office released updated guidelines for planning experiential learning activities on- or off-campus.


UD expects students who are identified through contact tracing as close contacts of someone diagnosed with COVID-19 return to their permanent residence to quarantine if they live within 400 miles of campus.


The University, in consultation with our distinguished medical advisory panel and Public Health - Dayton and Montgomery County, has established key tracking metrics and identified five "Campus Status" levels to describe key conditions on campus and in the community.


The University requires students, faculty, staff, visitors and contractors to wear cloth face coverings or non-medical masks while on campus to help slow the spread of the COVID-19 and help prevent people who may have the virus, and do not know it, from transmitting it to others. Face coverings must be worn generally in all inside spaces, and outdoors when 6 feet distancing cannot be maintained.  



UD has partnered with Premier Community Health to expand health services to students by providing access to urgent care on campus and a new 24/7 telehealth service. 


The long-awaited path forward for the UD community starts as students gradually begin moving into their residences, which will continue for the next two weeks. This approach to student move-in is part of the careful, thoughtful set of safety measures and protocols recommended by more than 150 members of our campus community that are now being implemented by hundreds more faculty and staff.


We want to provide updated responses and information to the most frequently asked questions we are receiving from students and families about testing. 


Every student and employee, whether they are working or studying on campus or remotely, is required to complete the Return to Campus Online training to help inform and remind our community about requirements and guidelines for measures and behavior that will promote safety on campus. The training covers topics including cleaning and disinfection, screening and health, protective measures, and workplace logistics.


Updated information on instructional modalities for all fall semester courses is now available on the University's registration site. Courses may be delivered in three different modalities — face-to-face, blended, and remote learning. 


Students and families received a message from student development leadership outlining expectations and consequences related to mass gatherings, including in the student neighborhood, and important habits to promote the health and safety of our entire campus community. In a companion video, Dean of Students Chris Schramm, Executive Director of Public Safety and Chief of Police Savalas Kidd, Student Government Association President Natalie Coppolino and SGA Vice President Anne Philbin sat down for a conversation about expectations and consequences for students.


In this message to faculty, Provost Paul Benson discusses faculty contracts, bringing back furloughed employees, classroom assignments, modes of instruction and the faculty review process.


The Path Forward Gatherings & Events Working Group is developing guidelines for gatherings and events, including meetings, in University-owned or controlled space, following physical distancing and other protocols established by the Protective Measures Working Group. 


The University announced July 16 it will start the process of bringing back furloughed employees.


In making these decisions about modes of instruction in the fall, our primary considerations have been safeguarding the health of students, faculty, and staff, and maintaining the highest quality of education and engagement for our students as they progress toward their degrees. The instructional modes in which courses will be offered — blended, fully remote, fully face-to-face — are influenced by several factors.


Members of UD's medical advisory panel and faculty plus Dr. Mary Buchwalder, medical director of the UD Student Health Center, and Natalie Coppolino, UD Student Government Association president, discussed frequently asked questions about COVID-19, including testing, symptoms, what to do if you're sick or have come into contact with someone with COVID-19, and best ways to protect yourself against the virus.

7/7/2020 and 7/9/2020

Students received notification July 7 they can start scheduling times July 9 to return to campus. The messages below provide information on the process and an update about the first day of registration.


The University's COVID-19 testing requirements are designed to curb the introduction of COVID-19 to campus and slow its spread. Our testing program centers on early identification and isolation of individuals who are asymptomatic — who have no symptoms and who may be unaware they have the virus — to reduce the chance they will expose others on campus to the virus.


Recognizing that travel can contribute to the University's teaching, learning, research and reputation efforts, new guidelines for travel during the pandemic will apply for the fall semester to help guide faculty, staff and students as they plan activities involving travel.


The University published three sets of guidelines for returning to teaching, learning, research and experiential learning on campus this fall with measures in place to promote safety and lessen the risk of COVID-19 spread.


We are at our best when we are in community together, and it is for that reason that we are pivoting toward re-opening campus in the fall as our highest priority


President Eric F. Spina has created the new UD Path Forward Task Force to advance and refine options and plans for safely reopening the campus this fall.


UD has launched the Path Forward, a planning process to examine a broad range of options to help the University adapt to significant, long-term demographic and enrollment trends in the higher education landscape while adhering to UD’s identity, mission and values.


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