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How We Discover and Engage

n what ways and in which multi-disciplinary areas will the University’s research, scholarship, and creative activity achieve their greatest influence in addressing profound human challenges and community needs in 20 years?

Working Group 3 invites you to respond to the questions or to provide related thoughts in the discussion box at the bottom of this page.

  1. What are the future global challenges that we will collectively face in the next 20 years? How will we, as a Catholic Marianist University address and solve these issues through research and education in order to improve the world through a lens of social justice?
  2. What will be our focus areas for research, scholarship, and creative activity? What is needed to successfully develop these areas?
  3. What will we do to position the trajectory of our university to be dynamic leaders in addressing these emerging issues through the synergy between research and education?
  4. How will the university create and implement solutions to problems locally, regionally, nationally, and globally?
  5. How will our cutting edge research be used to inform and train our students? How will we prepare our students with the skills and sensibilities needed to adapt and dynamically solve emerging problems, with disciplinary expertise and multidisciplinary cooperation, in ways that are consistent with the tenets of Catholic social teaching and the Marianist tradition?

Discussion: Working Group 3, Full Report - How We Discover and Engage (pdf)


Vijay Asari (Electrical and Computer Engineering; Vision Lab)
Carissa Krane (Biology, Schuellein Chair)

ECAS-nominated faculty representative
Shuang-Ye Wu (Geology)

Student member
Sumant Grover (Graduate Student, Biology)

Other faculty and staff members 
Susan Davies (Counselor Education)
Ellen Fleischmann (History, Alumni Chair)
Fred Jenkins (University Libraries, Dean’s Office)
Jack Kanet (Operations Management, Niehaus Chair)
Sukh Sidhu (UDRI and Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering)

President’s Council liaison
John Leland, Research


Office of the President

St. Mary's Hall
300 College Park
Dayton, Ohio 45469