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The Steering Committee

Each working group should frame its inquiries, exploration, and visioning through the following lenses or perspectives:
  • Boldness and imagination, oriented by the 20-year horizon for the vision, recognizing that differentiation, innovation, and excellence are essential in higher education’s highly competitive environment
  • Attention to the University’s Catholic and Marianist mission and values and the landscape of Catholic higher education, with particular consideration of the Common Themes in the Mission and Identity of the University of Dayton (2012)
  • Responsiveness to the demands of diversity, equity, and inclusion and the importance of global and intercultural learning and scholarship for an American Catholic research university in the 21st century
  • A realistic appraisal of the University’s absolute and relative strengths, potential, and limitations
  • Consideration of the responsibilities inherent in mission- and vision-based institutional stewardship

Paul Benson


Michelle Pautz


John McCombe (Fall Term 2016)

Working group 1

Rachel Collopy (Spring Term 2017)

Working group 1

Danielle Poe

Working group 2

Vijay Asari

Working group 3

Malcolm Daniels (Fall Term 2016)

Working group 4

Leslie Picca (Spring Term 2017)

Working group 4

Randy Sparks (Fall Term 2016)

Working group 5

Bob Brecha (Spring Term 2017)

Working group 5

Mark Jacobs

Faculty rep

Hayley Clark (Fall Term 2016)

UD student-CAS

Peter Hansen (Spring Term 2017)

UD student-SBA

Rudra Gnawali

Graduate student-Electro-optics

Jacki Jackson

Staff – UDit

Kathy Webb


Fr. Jim Fitz

Member of the Society of Mary

Larry Burnley

Diversity & Inclusion

Jennifer Howe

University Advancement

Andy Horner

Finance & Administrative Services

Molly Wilson

Marketing & Strategies

Rick Omlor


Lauren Wright

MPA, 2nd year – logistical support

Anita Moore



Office of the President

St. Mary's Hall
300 College Park
Dayton, Ohio 45469