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Prayer for the Common Good

Lord, inspire our vision to be a University for the Common Good.

Lead us to solidarity, that we might recognize the interdependence of all peoples and groups within our local, national and international community.

Inspire us with the Gospel, that we might lose ourselves so that others may flourish knowing that we are all responsible for all.

Teach us to model how authority can be reconciled with freedom, personal initiative with the needs of the whole and unity with the benefits of diversity.

Help us understand the option for the poor and to partner with the most vulnerable to bring about social change.

Guide us to educate our students, faculty staff to be community builders with skills to organize collaboration to advance social justice.

Present to us partnerships with others who seek to bring about the common good by addressing critical social issues, knowing that economic life enhances our life together in community.

Extend our leadership to serve the needs of the Catholic Church, in preparing leaders ready for service in their families, professional lives, civic and church communities.

Give us patience over time, that we might practice solidarity across generations, recognizing the importance of our work for the future of all.



Office of the President

St. Mary's Hall
300 College Park
Dayton, Ohio 45469