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Honorary Degrees


The University of Dayton awards honorary degrees to individuals who have the following characteristics.

  • To those who partner for the common good
  • To those who build community across diversity
  • To those who excel in integrated learning and scholarship
  • To those who manifest a great ability to search for truth grounded in both faith and reason
  • To those who demonstrate practical wisdom and an ability to adapt and change for the common good

Guided by the five criteria articulated above, the University of Dayton affirms its desire:

  • to recognize superior leadership or achievement in a chosen field of endeavor or in the face of extraordinary circumstances;
  • to acknowledge a selfless spirit of service to the Catholic church, the city of Dayton, the Miami Valley, the United States or the world;
  • to express appreciation for exceptional generosity that enables the University's mission and vision;
  • to publicly identify and recognize worthy role models for students, faculty, alumni and the community.

Office of the President

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