Meet the campus ambassadors who personify
University of Dayton hospitality and inclusiveness.

The President Emissaries are some of our best and brightest students. This diverse group represents the president at various events on campus.

What We Do

The emissaries interact with various groups, including administrators, alumni, donors, trustees, community leaders and dignitaries who visit campus. Duties include hosting dinners, assisting with meetings and conducting campus tours for trustees and other dignitaries. Other activities for members include dinners, field trips and awards.

Who Can Join

Membership is open to sophomores, juniors and seniors with a demonstrated record of academic success (minimum GPA of 2.5) and a willingness to commit to a one-year term of service. Students can reapply each year for membership. Because emissaries represent the Office of the President, they are expected to exhibit poise and professionalism. With this in mind, orientation and professional business training is provided to all new members. As a part of the application process, an academic and character review for each candidate is conducted.

If you are interested in an activity that will provide you with training, networking opportunities and an opportunity to learn outside of the classroom, this may be the organization for you.


If you have questions, please contact the Office of the President at 937-229-4122 or

The 2013-2014 Emissaries
Lead Through Their Service to Others.

Brian Gaerke Brian Gaerke, Co-Facilitator
Chemical Engineering
Mary Leigh Hayes Mary Leigh Hayes, Co-Facilitator
Megan Abbate Megan Abbate
English and Education
Molly Becker Molly Becker
Early Childhood Education
Anne Blankenship Anne Blankenship
Middle Childhood Education
Alyssa Bovell Alyssa Bovell
International Studies and Political Science
Daniel Brito Daniel Brito
ESM - Sport Management
Mary Faye Cicero Mary Faye Cicero
Christine Cirillo Christine Cirillo
Psychology, Spanish Minor
William Coleman William Coleman
Thomas DeCastra Thomas DeCastra
Operations Management
Libby Durnwald Libby Durnwald
Spanish, International Studies
Zhenghang Gu Zhenghang Gu
Electrical Engineering
Katie Huesman Katie Huesman
Public Relations
No Photo Available Ann-Marie Lee
Chemical Engineering
Yi Liu Yi Liu
No Photo Available Nathaniel McGeorge Lundy
M/P Chemistry
Holly Mahoney Holly Mahoney
Chemical Engineering
Benjamin Miller Benjamin Miller
Chemical Engineering
Eriko Okamoto Eriko Okamoto
Discover Arts
David Painter David Painter
Communications and Spanish
Erin Peery Erin Peery
Yaimarie Queeman Yaimarie Queeman No Photo Available Jacob Rettig
Political Science and Criminal Justice
Laura Rodriguez Laura Rodriguez
Mechanical and Electrical Engineering
Michael Ryan Michael Ryan
Khristian Santiago Khristian Santiago
Discover Business
Brooke Scollin Brooke Scollin
Imani Sherman Imani Sherman
Electrical Engineering
Gail Susdorf Gail Susdorf
Psychology and Spanish
No Photo Available Raissa Takouda
Mechanical Engineering

If There's a Big Event on Campus,
We're There.

The President's Emissaries can be found at board of trustee meetings, donor recognition dinners, special receptions for dignitaries and at the president's town hall-style meetings with students. Here are listings of other activities throughout the year.

Business Meetings

Business Meetings are held once per month throughout the academic year.


Dialogue with the President
7 p.m. February 11, 2014, Sears Recital Hall

Thanksgiving Dinner
6 p.m. November 18, 2013, Kennedy Union Ballroom

Christmas Party
5 p.m. December 10, 2013, Presidential Suite

End of the Year Celebration
April 26, 2014, 1700 South Patterson Boulevard