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Transitional Strategic Plan

Transitional Strategic Plan

The University has created a 2015-2017 transitional strategic plan (.pdf) that will guide University strategy during the presidential transition and offer a sound basis for launching the next major planning process under the new president's leadership.

The transitional strategic plan calls for the addition of an estimated 50 new faculty positions, development of new graduate programs, expansion of student participation in study abroad and cultural immersion programs, and an increase in enrollment and retention of domestic minority students.

As part of the diversity strategy, the University is exploring a dual-admission track in four programs — teacher education, business management, computer science and civil engineering — with Sinclair Community College. As proposed, students would complete two years at Sinclair in these fields, then transfer to UD.

The University will invest $17 million during the next two years to improve and expand student housing to accommodate a growing student population and address student demand. 


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