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Office of the President

President’s Commission
on the Status of Women


The Commission consists of up to 12 members who serve two-year terms of appointment,
with representation as follows:

  • 2 ex-officio members: the director of the Women's and Gender Studies Program,
    and the director of the Women's Center
  • 2 tenure-line faculty
  • 2 full- or part-time, non-tenure-line faculty
  • 2 exempt staff members
  • 2 non-exempt staff members
  • 2 students, one each: graduate or law, and undergraduate


Co-Chair Natalie Hudson, Ph.D.
Executive Director, Human Rights Center
Co-Chair Leah Ward, M.Ed.
Director of the Women's Center
Dr. Chun Zhang
Assistant Professor in the Department of Management and Marketing
Beth Rench
Associate Director, IT Client Services for UDit
Jamie Small, Ph.D. 
Assistant Professor and Women's and Gender Studies Director, College of Arts and Sciences
Susan Sexton
Director of Institutional Reporting, Institutional Research
Beth Allen
Non-Exempt Staff — Supervisor of The Emporium in Dining Services
Eileen Maloney
Non-Exempt Staff — Administrative Support Staff in the College of Arts and Sciences: Political Science
Christa Johnson, P.h.D.
Associate Professor of Practice, Department of Philosophy, Director, Ethics and Leadership Initiative
Hsuan Tsen, Ph.D.
Senior Lecturer, Asian and American Art History, Hanley Sustainability Institute, Affiliated Faculty, Department of Art and Design
Maninder Kaur
Graduate Student Representative, Educational Leadership Doctoral Program
Victoria Rivera
Undergraduate Student Representative, Criminal Justice Studies
Ikeyaira Metcalf
Undergraduate Student Representative, Political Science & International Studies

President's Commission on the Status of Women