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State Government Alumni

State Government Alumni

University of Dayton alumni frequently carry forth the Learn, Lead and Serve mantra out into the world to become true leaders. Below are a list of alumni who have chosen to lead and serve in a state capacity. 

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Chris Bagi

Assistant Attorney

The Attorney General's Office

Bob Blazer



George Boas

Deputy Chief of Staff

Ohio Senate Democratic Caucus

Shawna L. Bosse-Davis

VP of Community & Gov't Relations


Sarah Briggs

Director of Public Affairs in Ohio

Emily Bright

Human Resources

Office of the Secretary of State

Statehouse Civic Scholar Alumnus

Steve Caminati

Senior Vice President

Melamed Communications
Gary Cates

Senior Vice Chancellor

Ohio Board of Regents

Bill Coley

Senator - 4th district

Ohio Senate

Anna Conrad

Executive Director

Technology for Ohio's Tomorrow
Eileen Crotty Austria

State Advocate / Director of Statehouse Civic Scholars Program

University of Dayton
Sarah Devine

Executive Assistant to the First Lady

Office of the Governor

Statehouse Civic Scholar Alumnus

Michael Dittoe

Chief of Staff

Ohio House of Representatives

Former Senator Richard Finan


Calfee, Halter & Griswold LLP
Mike Foley

Former Representative - 14th District

Ohio House of Representatives

Danielle Giannantonio

Legislative Liason

Ohio Environmental Protection Agency

Deb Hackathorn

Vice President of Advancement

Jon Husted

Secretary of State

Office of the Secretary of State
Dave Luketic

Political Director

Ohio Republican Party
Jack Marchbanks

Board Member, OTRAC

Ohio Department of Transportation
Craig Marshall

Managing Partner

Ernst & Young, Columbus
Seth A. Morgan


Ohio Retirement Study Council
Aaron Ockerman

Director, State Government Affairs

McDonald Hopkins

Tom Roberts


Ohio Civil Rights Commission
Veronica Scherbauer

Criminal Justice Initiatives Coordinator

Ohio Attorney General's Office

Statehouse Civic Scholar Alumnus

Eric Seeds

Legislative Aide - Marilyn Slaby

Ohio House of Representatives

Statehouse Civic Scholar Alumni

Umberto Speranza

Legislative Service Commission Fellow

Ohio Senate
William Steele

Strategic Planning and Policy Analyst

Ohio Housing Finance Agency

Statehouse Civic Scholar Alumnus

Alisa Vidulich

Executive Assistant to the CEO and President


Statehouse Civic Scholar Alumnus

Beth Wymer

Executive Director

Ohio Wholesale Marketers Association


Office of the President

St. Mary's Hall
300 College Park
Dayton, Ohio 45469 - 1624