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Minors Policy Training

Information About the Minors Policy Training Requirement

>> Direct link to 20-minute Minors Policy Training Video 

One essential element of the University of Dayton’s Children on Campus and Working with Minors Policy (“Minors Policy”) is the requirement that all adults helping with the minors program or event be trained about the Minors Policy.  The program coordinator should make sure that each adult who wants to be authorized to be part of the event – i.e., each “authorized adult” – is trained on the policy’s requirements.  

Minors Policy Training Video or Presentation 

The training requirement can be satisfied by watching the Minors Policy Training Video, which lasts approximately 20 minutes.  It is accessible online at any of the video hyperlinks on this webpage.  The program coordinator for the program/event has different options in ensuring the training is taken; these options include:

(1)    Group Viewings.  Schedule group viewings of the Minors Policy Training Video that is available on this webpage.  Take attendance.  A sample attendance sheet is included in the Toolkit as a Word document.  The heading on that sample sheet should be included on each page that is used (so that each attendee verifies the he or she watched the training; understands the requirements; and agrees to comply).

(2)    Individual Viewings (including HOW an individual can confirm watching the training).  Another option is to instruct each adult helping with the program to watch the Minors Policy Training Video on his or her own.  If you choose this option, you then will need to receive confirmation from each person that he or she took the training any number of ways:

(a) The person can submit a confirmation online, that he or she took the training, using the link entitled “Electronic Confirmation That Minors Policy Training Completed.”

(b) The person can fill out and print a “Certificate of Completion,” also available online.  Then the individual can either give you a hardcopy of that certificate, or download it and attach it to an email sent to you.  (Note that this option works best with Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer set as the browser.)

(c) You could have each person verify that training by email (where that individual emails you from a known email address).  In that email, the date of the training should be noted.  The verification should say something like:

"I confirm that I watched the University of Dayton Children on Campus and Working with Minors Policy Training video on the date of _________.  I hereby state that I understand my behavioral and reporting responsibilities under that Policy, and I agree to comply with that Policy."

(d) You could post a sign-up sheet in your office or some other area where adults helping with the program would be likely to visit.  That sign-up sheet should have a statement at the top comparable to what’s listed above in option (c), so that everyone who signs the sheet is stating that he or she watched the video.

(3)    Live Presentation.  Yet another option is to schedule an in-person presentation of the training, delivered by someone from the Office of Legal Affairs.  If you wish to pursue this option, please allow plenty of advance time so as to be able to accommodate schedules.

“Specialized” Minors Policy Training  

A group or unit on campus may have a unique event involving minors, such that event-specific training would be worthwhile for the adults involved in the program.  For example, a recreational program – with more physical activities involved – might want more information regarding appropriate touching in light of the anticipated physical events.  If this is the case, please contact the Office of Legal Affairs; that office would be more than happy to “fine-tune” or supplement the training – whether live or video – to address any unique considerations.

Third-Party Entity Training  

Adults associated with third-party entities that host a minors event or program on campus must also satisfy the training requirement.  However, some of these entities – e.g., religious-based organizations or scout troups – may already have training measures and protocols that cover much of what the University’s training covers.  If so, then they may not need also to watch the University’s Minors Policy Training Video.  To determine if their training meets the University’s requirements, contact the University’s Office of Legal Affairs.  If their training protocols are sufficient, then a Third-Party Verification Regarding Minors Training form may suffice to comply with the Minors Policy.

Also, it may be that someone who is part of a minors program on campus recently went through comparable, or even more thorough, training by an outside group.  If that person can verify that he or she took such training within the past year, and the Office of Legal Affairs determines that the training suffices to meet the University’s requirements, then that individual may sign an Individual Verification Regarding Minors Training document (which also must be signed by the Office of Legal Affairs) and be excused from taking the University’s training.

To view a PDF version of the transcript of the Minors Policy Training Video click here.


For questions relating to the University policies of Legal Affairs, please contact:

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