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Electronic Confirmation that Minors Policy Training Completed

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By submitting this information electronically, I confirm that I have watched the University of Dayton Children on Campus and Working with Minors Policy Training video; I understand the behavioral and reporting responsibilities under that Policy; and I agree to comply with that Policy. I acknowledge that submitting this confirmation dishonestly – that is, without having watched the Minors Policy Training Video, or by purposefully inserting an incorrect name or date – is not condoned by the University and is considered a violation of the Minors Policy or may be considered a violation of other University policies or standards of conduct. As such, dishonest submission of this confirmation could be subject to disciplinary action by the University, and/or the loss of the privilege of being involved in University programs where minors are expected to be present.


For questions relating to the University policies of Legal Affairs, please contact:

Office of Legal Affairs