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Drug-Free Workplace

Drug-Free Workplace Policy


To establish policies and procedures whereby The University of Dayton shall, in order to appropriately serve the needs of both employees and students, implement a drug free workplace and academic environment consistent with federal and state law, including the terms and conditions whereby staff may be disciplined for violation of these policies and tested for suspected use of an illegal drug or alcohol.


All employees of the University of Dayton.

Policy History

I. Effective Date: March 11, 1991

II. Approval: December 23, 2013

III. History: 

  • Approved in its original form: March 11, 1991
  • Approved as amended: June 12, 2000
  • Approved as amended: December 23, 2013

IV. Maintenance of Policy: Vice President for Human Resources


The University of Dayton desires to maintain a work environment free from the influence of substance and alcohol abuse, and expects all employees to assist in this commitment by adhering to University regulations, federal, state and local laws concerning alcohol and illicit drugs.

The unlawful or unauthorized purchase, possession, consumption, use, sale, dispensing, manufacturing or distribution of illicit drugs and alcohol is prohibited on university property or as part of University activities. Illicit drug or alcohol use or abuse does not excuse employees from inappropriate conduct or the neglect of their responsibilities.

As a condition of employment, an employee of the University of Dayton will notify his/her supervisor if s/he is convicted of a criminal drug offense involving the workplace or affecting a term or condition of employment within five (5) days of the conviction. In the event any such conviction involves an employee’s working on a federal contract or grant, the University will notify the granting or contracting federal agency within ten (10) days of receiving such notice. Employees whose work is supported by a contract with the U.S. Department of Defense or other organizations are additionally subject to those organizations' requirements as published from time to time.

Employees who feel they may have an alcohol/substance abuse concern are urged to contact the employee assistance program. For further information or assistance, or for anonymous inquiry, employees are directed to the Office of Human Resources. Violations of this policy may result in disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment.


  1. LifeWorks Employee Assistance Program

For questions relating to the University policies of Human Resources, please contact:

Office of Human Resources