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Information for Faculty

Write Place Information for Faculty

Thank you for your interest in the Write Place!  Write Place offers peer-to-peer writing support in a comfortable, collaborative environment.  We can support students on ANY writing assignment during ANY stage of the writing process.  Our goal is to improve not only the specific writing assignment but a student’s overall writing process. The Write Place is not meant to replace the writing instruction that happens in your course but rather to compliment that instruction.


Write Place Consultants are trained to create discussion with the student about the student's writing. Writing Consultants will not write on a student’s essay or “promise” a grade. Writing Consultants will encourage students to further discuss assignment concerns with you, the course instructor.

How you can help

We value your opinion and appreciate it when you encourage your students to leverage our service. However, consultation sessions are most effective when students willingly come to the Write Place. We encourage you not to “require” students to use this service. If you do choose to have students use our service prior to the deadline of an assignment, please contact Christina Klimo, Write Place Coordinator, at To accommodate your class, the Coordinator may need to have additional resources available in the Write Place.


We encourage you to schedule a classroom visit from a Write Place Consultant. A Write Place consultant will explain the benefits of a writing consultation session to your students. These visits generally last about 5-10 minutes and help to clarify questions and concerns that some students may have about the service. Contact Christina Klimo, Write Place Coordinator, at to set up your visit.


The following is a statement summarizing our service; we invite you to copy and paste this to include in your course syllabus.

The Knowledge Hub
The Write Place and Roesch Library's reference services have united in the Knowledge Hub in  Roesch Library. In the Knowledge Hub, all UD students can receive free research and writing assistance on any assignment, at any stage of the writing process. No appointments are necessary (although you're welcome to make one; call 937-229-4270).
Drop-in hours are 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday through Thursday10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Friday; and 4 to 8 p.m. Sundays.

For more information, visit the first floor of Roesch Library. For details about services provided by either the Write Place or Roesch Library, see the Get Help page:

Video to Share

We also encourage you to share this 90-second video, which provides an overview of our mission and helps to illustrate for students how our service can benefit them!

Link address for copying to syllabus:


Writing Coaching is a program available through the Write Place that assists writers long-term. This program will pair an experienced writing consultant with a student looking to improve writing skills, fulfilling the mission of the Write Place to create stronger writers. The coach and writer can establish a schedule of regular meetings, usually weekly, over the course of a semester. Together, the students may work on class assignments or focus on specific areas of difficulty.  The goal is to help the writer improve writing fluency with additional exercises, consistent meetings, and consultant familiarity.

If you believe you have a student that will benefit from coaching or if you have questions about the program, please contact Christina Klimo at

Our Mission

The Mission of the Write Place is one of service: writing consultants appreciate the uniqueness of individual learners and work with all students in their efforts to become better writers. Write Place consultants encourage, guide, and support student writers on any writing assignment and at any stage of the writing process.

  1. In order to help students improve their writing, consultants:
  • Address global concerns before sentence-level concerns.
  • Do not proofread papers.
  • Help students understand their writing assignments.
  • Engage the student in a conversation about his or her writing.
  • Discover the strengths and weaknesses of the student’s writing. 

Write Place

Roesch Library
300 College Park
Dayton, Ohio 45469