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FIRST Program

UD stands by you for your FIRST academic experience

Welcome to the FIRST program! Here at the University of Dayton you will gain connections and a unique academic experience with our FIRST program. Through an array of resources, the University of Dayton is prepared to assist FIRST students with their academic experience. 



of FIRST students are guaranteed a seat in an SI lead course


Dedicated academic coaching for the first full year of school.

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Why Students Choose FIRST?

"You're taking the Art and Science of Learning class. It is an amazing class and will give you the upper hand."

Chris B, Class of 2021 (BS) & Class of 2022 (MBA)

"Personally, I think UDI 175 is a great class for first year students."

Irasen B, Class of 2024

"UDI 175 made me feel comfortable at Dayton. I was able to learn the skills I needed to help me succeed in my years on campus. I felt prepared for my college years and now feel prepared for my life out of college.”

Nora B, Class of 2022

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Program Benefits

Being in the FIRST program comes with a lot of benefits. All students in FIRST are enrolled in at least one course with academic support (Tutoring, Supplemental Instruction, or embedded tutoring). Students will also participate in hands-on experiences building practical time management and study skills. The FIRST program is about being part of a community and students will be assigned a mentor who will walk through their first year with a lot of opportunity for social engagement outside of the classroom. Finally, FIRST students will earn a micro-credential in resilience by the end of their first year in the program.

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Getting Social

From orientation to graduation FIRST students have opportunities to make life long connections


Office of Learning Resources

Roesch Library, Room 023
300 College Park
Dayton, Ohio 45469 - 1302