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FIRST Program

Fully Integrated Resource, Support, and Transition

The Fully Integrated Resource, Support, and Transition (FIRST) program provides students with a total package of academic support integrated into their regular schedule of courses. Participation in FIRST is offered free of additional charge to a small number of students whose academic profile and experience suggest that they will benefit from a structured transition to college.

FIRST students are enrolled in a course titled The Art & Science of Learning (UDI 175) in the fall semester. As the anchor for the program, this course is designed to engage students in discussion and activities that will enhance their learning and study skills. Students will explore the intersection of research in neuroscience, psychology, and educational psychology with their own experience of and needs in learning. The course will ask students to synthesize what they’re learning from their UD experiences in classes, residence halls, and co-curricular activities with what they’re learning about themselves in this class. The goal of the course is to teach students meta-cognition skills that will help them become successful in college. The credit hours for this course apply toward the student’s total credit hours for graduation. The Art and Science of Learning was created by professional staff from OLR in ongoing collaboration with faculty from academic departments.

FIRST students also attend learning support sessions offered for several of the courses in which they are enrolled during their first semester. These are usually small group, activity-based sessions led by students who are trained as course facilitators. The FIRST Program is administered by OLR in collaboration with the Office of Admissions and the College of Arts and Sciences.

In accepting admission to the University of Dayton, all FIRST students must sign the FIRST Program contract indicating their understanding of the expectations for participants in the program. Click here to view Instructions regarding the contract. Note that If you are admitted into FIRST, Admissions will notify you.

Special thanks to the following faculty that contributed to the course design: Thomas Eggemeier, Ph.D., Psychology, Said Elhamri, Ph.D., Physics, and Michele M Welkener, Ph.D., Educational Leadership.


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