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Learning Courses

Learning how to Learn

Knowledge is not transferred, it is formed. In higher education, instructors are moving toward a learner-centered approach. In this approach, answers are not given—you must learn how to formulate the answers yourself. This often proves to be a difficult challenge when transitioning to college.

We offer many ways to sharpen your learning skills by helping you discover more about yourself, your individual learning style, and the various methods that work best for you. Among these are the learning courses listed here.

UDI 055: Becoming a Mindful Learner
UDI 055 (formerly known as ARCC) is a 7-week, 1-credit program targeting issues that might be causing  you academic difficulty. Through individual reflection and small group discussions, you will develop more effective approaches to learning.
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UDI 175: The Art and Science of Learning

The Art and Science of Learning (UDI 175) is designed to engage you in discussion and activities that will enhance your learning and study skills. You will explore the intersection of research in neuroscience, psychology, and educational psychology with your own learning experiences and needs.


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