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Alternative Testing for Faculty

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The OLR Testing Center is currently open only when the University is holding in-person undergraduate classes.

  • During any period in which in-person classes are suspended, instructors will work with their students to provide approved testing accommodations within the remote testing environment.

  1. Please go to (and bookmark)
    • Note: Two-factor authentication is required
  2. Once logged in, click on “View Student Accommodations” to see a list of students who have requested to use their approved accommodations in your course(s).

The following describes the emails that you may receive regarding students with testing accommodations.
  • Faculty Notification Letter” - Each semester, you receive this when a student requests to use their approved accommodations in your course. For testing accommodations, this email will contain a link for you to complete your OLR Testing Instructions in AIM. Please complete your OLR Testing Instructions as soon as possible, so they are in place when the student requests to take an exam in the Testing Center.
  • Action Needed - Testing Accommodations Requested, Please Complete Testing Agreement" - If a student requests to take your exam in the Testing Center, and you have NOT completed the OLR Testing Instructions in AIM, this email is a reminder to log in to AIM and complete your instructions.
  • “New Exam Request” - When a student requests to take a specific exam in the Testing Center, this email requests you to upload the exam into AIM.
  • “OLR Testing Reminder [course]” - if we have not received the exam from you as the date of an exam draws near, you will receive this reminder.

  1. Complete your OLR Testing Instructions in AIM  as soon as you receive a Faculty Notification Letter or Exam Request email.

    NOTE: If your course has no tests or you prefer to provide testing accommodations yourself, please designate this in AIM under Alternative Testing in the Proctoring Your Own Exam section.

  2. Upload your exam into AIM or email it to as soon as possible.

  •  If your course has no exams or you prefer to provide testing accommodations yourself, please specify this in AIM under Alternative Testing in the Proctoring Your Own Exam section.

You will not receive any more testing emails for that semester.

NOTE: Please ensure that you can provide all approved testing accommodations for your students, such as technology accommodations, distraction-reduced environment, etc.

  1. Click on the link in the “New Exam Request” or “OLR Testing Reminder [course]” email you received from
  2. Follow the on-screen instructions to upload your exam.

  1. Go to AIM at
  2. In AIM, under Views and Tools, click Alternative Testing.
  3. In the list of exam requests, click the checkbox next to the students for whom you want to upload the exam. 
  4. Ensure that STEP 1 - Select Action is set to Upload File to Exam(s).
  5. Click Confirm Selections and follow the on-screen instructions. 
  6. Repeat for additional files and/or students.
  7. To replace or delete an uploaded exam, click on the link in the Status column of the list of Test Requests. 

  • Students testing in the OLR may have questions during the test. If you are available to answer questions for the students testing in the classroom, the students testing in the OLR need to have similar access for asking questions.
  • If there is a problem with the test, having your phone number helps OLR staff with administrative issues.

    NOTE: Your phone number will not be given to students. Only staff will have access to the number.

  • A formula sheet is a testing accommodation for math and sciences classes.
  • It is designed for students whose disability impacts their ability to retrieve formulas.
  • Please meet with the student to discuss whether this accommodation will be needed for tests in your course.  
  • Use of a formula sheet should not compromise any essential course objectives.
  • You can approve a student-supplied formula sheet or supply one for the student as appropriate.

  • Students may need testing accommodations for a variety of diagnosed disabilities, including ADD/ADHD, anxiety, learning disabilities, chronic medical conditions like Crohn’s disease, migraines, concussions, low vision, etc.
  • The University of Dayton is committed to providing the federally-mandated accommodations that allow students with disabilities to pursue an equitable academic experience. There is a national upward trend; many other universities are also experiencing a great deal of growth in the number of students requesting accommodations.

  • It is perfectly acceptable if you and the student agree that a space in the department is sufficient for distraction-reduced testing and extended time. Otherwise the student may schedule to take their test in the OLR Testing Center.
  • Students must schedule their exams to be taken in the Testing Center through AIM by Noon (12:00 PM) at least three business days in advance.
  • If a student reschedules an exam, your approval is required. Please email your approval to the Testing Center.

The OLR Testing center can accommodate students with disabilities who require specialized accommodations such as screen readers, scribes (writers), adaptive equipment, interpreters for the hearing impaired, or specialized computer software to access information and complete tests.

  • Neither you nor OLR is obligated to provide testing accommodations if the student fails to make the request by the deadline as outlined in the established guidelines.
  • If the student neglects to schedule a test or makes a late decision to use accommodations, their first step is to speak with you to determine if you will accept the late request and will be able to provide the accommodations. 
  • If you will accept the late request, but cannot provide the accommodations within your department, the student must communicate with OLR Staff via phone or face-to-face to determine if OLR can provide the student's requested accommodation. If OLR can provide accommodations, the student is responsible to secure written verification from you that the late test is approved. This written verification must e-mailed to the Testing Center. In addition, the student must work with you to ensure timely delivery of the test to OLR.
  • If OLR is unable to accommodate the late request, the student is expected to take the test with their class or make other arrangements with you.

  • Students are encouraged to schedule the test as close to the class test time as possible.
  • If the student has an extended-time accommodation, they may need to schedule a different time and/or day than the class test time so they don't miss a class before or after the test due to the extended time.
  • We encourage all students to communicate their needs with you in advance. Test times are included with the email information sent to you when students schedule exams with OLR. If you have questions regarding the different test time, you are encouraged to contact the student directly. If a change in the test time is necessary, the student will need to reschedule the exam using AIM.
  • The University of Dayton's Final Exam Policy indicates: "When a student with a disability has two or more final exams scheduled for the same day, faculty are encouraged to accommodate the individual student on an alternative day agreeable to both the student and the instructor which may include use of an alternative testing site. The student must make the request by the last scheduled class meeting." Final exams are scheduled in the OLR using a block system as outlined in the Alternative Testing Guidelines.

  • The most convenient and efficient method is to submit the exam through AIM at
  • If necessary, you can e-mail the exam to
  • If neither of those are an option, you or another authorized staff person may deliver the test to the OLR Testing Center in Albert Emanuel 002. 

  • OLR will hand-deliver completed tests to the corresponding Dean's office.
  • Each test is secured in an individual envelope signed by the student who completed the test.
  • Tests are delivered daily—once in the morning; once in the afternoon. If your student tests earlier in the morning, it is more likely that you will receive the completed test that same day. Tests occurring later in the afternoon are more likely to be delivered the following morning.
  • All tests delivered by OLR require a signature from the department or dean's office.
NOTE: We are not able to scan and email completed tests or hold them for pickup.

  • Strictest confidentiality and handling of test materials is followed by OLR.
  • All tests are maintained in a locked file with very limited access.
  • No copy or master is permanently kept on file in OLR. If faculty has multiple sections and students taking the same test, faculty must advise OLR with specific names of all students taking the identified test.


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