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OLR's Honor Code

The Office of Learning Resources' (OLR) procedures align with the University of Dayton Academic Honor Code. Each semester, prior to requesting their accommodation letter, students must sign an electronic agreement stating they will comply with the Academic Honor Code when utilizing OLR services.

Academic Honor Code Violation Procedures in the OLR Testing Center

Students are notified that testing rooms, computers, and computer program usage in OLR are monitored and video recorded.  Students are required to leave electronic devices and other unauthorized materials outside of the testing room.  Students must empty their pockets and remove their coats and hats before entering the testing room.

In cases of suspected academic honor code violations, OLR Testing Staff will do the following:

  • Stop the test and inform the student of the violation.
  • Collect the exam and any unauthorized materials.
  • Advise the student to immediately communicate with their faculty member about the academic misconduct.
  • Contact the faculty member as soon as possible.
  • Write a report with details of the academic misconduct incident as observed by the OLR staff witnessing the incident.
  • The Testing Center Coordinator or OLR director will contact the faculty member and the department/college Dean’s Office.
  • Return the test and associated materials to the faculty member as soon as possible.

OLR does not restrict students who are suspected of academic honor code violations from utilizing the Testing Center for future tests. It is the faculty member’s responsibility to submit an official academic honor code violation incident report. 


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