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Alternative Testing FAQ

Find answers to frequently asked questions here.

You will need to complete the Accommodations Request Process and be approved before you can receive testing accommodations.

OLR does not proctor exams for any student except UD students with approved testing accommodations.

  • If you are approved for accommodations, accommodation letters will be generated through your account in AIM.
  • The letters list your approved accommodations and serve as notification to your instructors.
  • You will use AIM to select which approved accommodations you want to use for each class and those accommodations will be listed on your accommodation letter for that class. 
  • You can choose to have the letters emailed directly to your instructors or you can print and hand-deliver them.

If you are found eligible for these academic accommodations, you should first discuss your options with your instructor.

  • If you and your instructor cannot find a space in the department that is sufficient for distraction-reduced testing and extended time, you can schedule to take your test in the OLR Testing Center, making sure to follow the guidelines and meet the deadlines.

If you are approved through the Accommodations Request Process for specialized testing accommodations such as a screen reader, scribe (writer), adaptive equipment, sign language interpreters, etc. you need to communicate with your faculty about your need to take exams with the OLR Testing Center and then schedule your exams using AIM.

Follow the process as outlined under Alternative Testing Guidelines.

Follow the process as outlined under Alternative Testing Guidelines.

  • You must modify your test request through AIM and get pre-approval in writing from your professor as well as approval from OLR Disability Staff for the changes.
  • While OLR staff will make every effort to accommodate rescheduled tests, advanced notice is required in order to ensure space and staff coverage.
  • If OLR cannot address your reschedule request, you can make arrangements to take the test with your faculty at the rescheduled date and time.
  • Canceling and rescheduling of tests must be completed through AIM.

  • Neither OLR nor your faculty is obligated to provide academic accommodations if you fail to make  a test request within the timelines outlined in Alternative Testing Guidelines.
  • If OLR is unable to accommodate the late request, the student is expected to take the test with their class or make other arrangements with the faculty.
  • If the student continues not to follow the posted guidelines, OLR reserves the right to decline future late test requests.

  • OLR does not administer standardized tests (ACT, SAT, GRE, GMAT, OAE, LSAT, TOEFL, etc.); therefore, OLR cannot "provide" accommodations.
  • If you need special accommodations for nationally standardized tests, you should contact the corresponding testing agency directly or refer to their web page to see the requirements for determination of eligibility for accommodations.
  • For completion of verification forms, students should schedule a meeting with the OLR Disability Services to review the documentation guidelines of the test's governing body and determine if and to what extent OLR can assist in the process. The student is responsible for ensuring time frames etc. as outlined by the governing body.

Note: Disability documentation remains on file in OLR for five years after last semester where services were utilized; however, eligibility for Disability Services at the University of Dayton does not ensure eligibility for accommodations on standard tests or other post-secondary institutions.

Should you have any questions about testing accommodations not addressed above, please contact OLR Testing Center.


OLR Testing Center - Room 002

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