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Housing for Medical & Disability Needs

  • Jan. 15

    Deadline for current students to submit a housing accommodation request to OLR

  • May 15

    Deadline for new students entering this Fall to submit a housing accommodation request to OLR

The learning environment and residential living are central to the University of Dayton experience.

All housing accommodation decisions are made with respect to medical necessity, regardless of your personal preferences. A recommendation from a diagnostician alone does not guarantee a housing accommodation. Determinations are made by the Housing Committee, which includes representatives from Disability Services, the Office of Housing and Residence Life, the Health Center, and other consultants as necessary.

  • The deadline for applying for disability housing and dietary accommodations for the upcoming academic year is January 15 for returning students and May 15 for new students. 
  • You must complete the Initial Accommodation Request form by these dates.
  • Late requests will be reviewed in the order in which they are received and will be limited by housing availability

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If you need Attendant Care in order to live independently in campus housing, you may also need additional housing accommodations. You are financially responsible for the cost of attendant care and must also work with the University to ensure you adhere to the guidelines for Attendant Care.  

All university housing has air conditioning and Housing and Residence Life has established cleaning procedures to reduce exposure to common allergens.  If you have issues or concerns with cleaning procedures, see University of Dayton Facilities Management web page on residential maintenance issues or to place a work order.

You may bring different personal devices such as a HEPA air filter, a humidifier, dehumidifier, etc., to help keep your learning and residential environment as comfortable as possible.

Dining Services offers a variety of supports and services to accommodate allergies and other dietary needs.

  • Nutritional brochures are available in the dining areas.
  • If you have questions about general nutrition, food allergens, or special dietary concerns, it is important to contact University of Dayton’s Administrative Dietician at 937-229-2441 or visit the Dining Services website.  
  • If you need assistance managing your dietary condition, you may additionally contact the Health Center’s Director of Nursing at 937-229-3134 or visit the Health Center website.
  • Dining Services are located within approximately 50 yards of each residential hall.  Within the residence halls, you will have access to a microwave and in-room refrigerator.
  • The University of Dayton has also implemented NetNutrition. NetNutrition is an online tool that can help you make decisions to meet your nutritional goals and/or select food items based on allergies as well as general nutritional values.
  • Dining Services has established the A+ Room, or "Allergen-Friendly Kitchen", which is available for students with food allergies and/or intolerance. Students must meet with Dining Services Administrative Dietitian and have documented medical need, to gain access to this secured area.

If the combination of the above supports through Dining Service do not meet your dietary needs, you are welcome to contact the Office of Learning Resources to discuss other options.

If you need assistance with medical injections, the Health Center can be an important resource. 

  • In some cases, the injections are best managed through a local neurologist.  If assistance is needed, the Health Center may facilitate a referral. Once the referral has been completed, it is recommended that you make an appointment with the neurologist to establish yourself as a patient prior to the need for an urgent visit.
  • If your treating neurologist/ physician made the decision that you need to access to injectable medications, their office may fax the complete order (including diagnosis, medication dosage, route, frequency) to the Health Center. Once a complete order is received, the Health Center will evaluate the request to determine if the ordered injection is appropriate for administration on campus.
  • If you have a need for additional information about medical management of your condition while on campus, please feel free to contact the Health Center's Director of Nursing at 937-229-3134 or visit the Health Center website.

Many students find they can store their medications in their residence.  If you find there is a need to maintain a larger supply of your medications, you can work with the Health Center to discuss storage options. 

  • The Health Center has information about local pharmacies that may deliver to the university. 
  • If you have a need for additional information about medical management of your condition while on campus, please feel free to contact the Health Center's Director of Nursing at 937-229-3134 or visit the Health Center website.

The University of Dayton's Office of Housing and Residence Life has a No Pet Policy, but there are two types of accommodations that would allow you to have an animal on campus and/or in your campus residence: 1) Service Animal and 2) Emotional Support Animal (ESA). Accommodations for either type of animal require you to complete the Accommodation Request Process and be approved.

It is important that you take responsibility for your own safety!

For any emergency, the first step is to contact Public Safety at 937-229-2121, Campus Phone 92121 or 911. **Please program these numbers into your cell phone**

  • If you have a medical condition that may be impacted by an emergency, you should develop an emergency plan or a strategy in advance. 
  • If you have concerns about development of an emergency evacuation plan, contact the Environmental Health and Safety/Risk Management office at 937-229-4503.
  • When reporting the emergency, state your location, specific needs, and type of emergency and any additional information such as you use a wheelchair, a respirator, or have breathing, stamina, or health related impairments.
  • Ensure you are familiar with University of Dayton Emergency Response Procedures Guide and the University of Dayton's Emergency Evacuation Plans for campus buildings.


Disability Services

Roesch Library
300 College Park
Dayton, Ohio 45469 - 1302
Fax: 937.229.3270