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January in the News

Highlights for January are below, but you can click here to view links to all of the University's media coverage for the month.

Through December of fiscal year 2022, the total value of coverage is an estimated $5.61 million with an estimated reach of 1.78 billion people. Media in markets outside Dayton mentioned the University at least 967 times. Monthly and cumulative figures are based on the Cision media monitoring service data.

Regional, National and International

New York court has unsealed settlement in Jeffrey Epstein case
Jan. 3
Al Jazeera English
Thaddeus Hoffmeister, School of Law 

Inflation, workforce participation and real wages: 3 key indicators for monitoring the economy in 2022
Jan. 3
The Conversation
Marlon Williams, economics

Why being governor is the best job in politics
Jan. 10
Bob Taft, political science

Africans and African-Americans would honour Martin Luther King by rekindling their bonds
Jan. 12
The Conversation
Julius Amin, history

Ohio governor facing primary: No pandemic response regrets
Jan. 13
The Associated Press
Christopher Devine, political science

The Texas synagogue attack
Jan. 16
Art Jipson, sociology

How COVID changed world politics
Jan. 16
The Week
Christopher Devine, political sciene

What tips do you have for a person looking to keep the costs of car ownership low?
Jan. 18
John Heitmann, history

Dayton-area Media

For all local coverage in January, click here

Dayton Daily News

Q&A: Therapist offers mental health strategies for coping with the pandemic
Jan. 2
Scott Hall, counselor education

COMMUNITY CONVERSATION: Understanding the region’s economic outlook for 2022
Jan. 7
Richard Stock, Business Research Group

Pandemic tempers optimism about Dayton region economic prospects in 2022
Jan. 9
Richard Stock, Business Research Group

Census data shows area communities diversifying
Jan. 9
Joy Kadowaki, sociology and School of Law

Dayton and Springfield regions had third lowest unemployment rates in Ohio
Jan. 12
Richard Stock, Business Research Group


Capitol riot suspects awaiting trial
Jan. 5
Thaddeus Hoffmeister, School of Law

Political expert discusses impact of U.S. Capitol riot on future elections
Jan. 5
Dan Birdsong, political science

UD students celebrate move-in weekend, nearly 80% of campus vaccinated
Jan. 9

Greater West Dayton Incubator Business Blitz now accepting applications
Jan. 10
Whitney Barkley, Greater West Dayton Incubator

Dayton Business Journal

Here's what local experts are projecting for the economy in 2022
Jan. 14
Richard Stock, Business Research Group