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October in the News

Highlights for October are below, but you can click here to view links to all of the University's media coverage for the month.

In fiscal year 2019, through September, the total value of coverage is an estimated $909,000 with an estimated reach of 654.3 million people. Media in markets outside Dayton mentioned the University at least 278 times. Monthly and cumulative figures are based on the Cision media monitoring service data.

Regional, National and International

How instructors have shaped the curricula of two hybrid J.D. programs starting this fall
Oct. 2
Inside Higher Ed
Andrew Strauss, School of Law
Vicki VanZandt, School of Law

How U.S. airports make money
Oct. 2
Janet Bednarek, history
(Bednarek's interview airs at 1:14 and 11:18)

Why Trump’s favorite 2016 map should scare him
Oct. 3
The Atlantic
Joshua Ambrosius, political science

'American Factory' review: Made in America (by the Chinese)
Oct. 4
Vince Miller, religious studies

University of Dayton student developed superior leg brace for girl with cerebral palsy
Oct. 4
ASEE First Bell
Spencer Janning, student

Fundamentalism turns 100, a landmark for the Christian Right
Oct. 8
The Conversation
Bill Trollinger, history

11 signs you're in love, according to relationship experts
Oct. 8
Matthew Montoya, psychology

'Contentious' research finds pretty people struggle in these industries
Oct. 8
Yahoo! Finance
Chun Zhang, marketing

UDSL Dean Andy Strauss discusses new ways to use online tools to make legal education accessible to more students
Oct. 11
The Modern Law Student podcast

Dayton-area Media

For all local coverage in October, click here

Dayton Daily News

UD student's invention helps teen with cerebral palsy
Oct. 3
Spencer Janning, student

Natural gas prices expected to keep home heating costs steady
Oct. 10
Bob Wilkens, engineering


YWCA and UD students wrap purple ribbons around Dayton for abuse awareness
Oct. 1
Criminal Justice Studies students

Questions remain unanswered one year after Cheryl Coker’s disappearance
Oct. 2
Tom Hagel, School of Law

What's Working in Dayton; UD police chief calling on people to perform random acts of kindness
Oct. 9-10
Rodney Chatman, public safety