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May in the News

Highlights for May are below, but you can click here to view links to all of the University's media coverage for the month.

Through May of fiscal year 2018, the total value of coverage is an estimated $2.97 million with an estimated reach of 10.12 million people. Media in markets outside Ohio have mentioned the University at least 737 times. Monthly and cumulative figures are based on the Cision media monitoring service data.

Regional, National and International

University of Dayton MLK50 Remembrance
May 2018 issue
Insight into Diversity (page 58)
Lawrence Burnley, vice president for diversity and inclusion

Want More Diverse Children’s Books In The Classroom? Use This Rubric
May 1
EntertainmentNutz (picked up from WVXU-FM in Cincinnati)
Jackie Arnold and Mary-Kate Sableski, teacher education

Hyperloop up Against Cleveland Transit Dreams That Never Came True
May 2
Here and Now, NPR's Midday News Program
Janet Bednarek, history

Developing Leaders While Delivering Results
May 2
CIO Talk Network
Tom Skill, chief information officer

Voters Tend to Approve of Their Senators — but Still Want Change
May 3
Christopher Devine, political science

Airport History
May 4

Janet Bednarek, history

University of Dayton MBA@Dayton Interview
May 4
Scott MacDonald, MBA director

Trump Administration Ending Hondurans' Special Immigration Status
May 4 via The Associated Press
Miranda Hallett, sociology

How Can You Tell If Someone Likes You?
May 8-11, Daily Mail, Neuroscience News and ScienceBlog
R. Matthew Montoya, psychology

Catholics Get Chance to Celebrate, Think About Mary with New Feast Day
May 9
Catholic News Service
Gloria Dodd, International Marian Research Institute

Democrats and Republicans Breathe a Sigh of Relief After the Primaries
May 9
The Economist
Bob Taft, former Ohio governor

Tony Talbott: Keep up Pressure Against Online Sex Ads
May 17
The Columbus Dispatch
Tony Talbott, Human Rights Center

New Gauntlet Thrown in Battle for Open Internet
May 17
Ohio News Connection/Public News Service
Andrew Rossow, School of Law

EY Announces 'Day One Ready' Program
May 17
Accounting Today
University of Dayton

US Weighs Plans to Curb Chinese Investment
May 21
Richard Stock, Business Research Group

UD to Launch Innovative Online Law Degree Program
May 25-30
JD Journal, Inside Higher Ed, Dayton Business Journal, Dayton Daily News, WDTN-TV
Andrew Strauss, School of Law
Eric Spina, president

Welcome to Hell: A History of Portals to the Underworld
May 26
The Daily Beast
Meghan Henning, religious studies

SUVs Have Become Classier. But Here is the Big Bump on the Road: Rising Fuel Prices 
May 27
The Economic Times
John Heitmann, history

Dayton-area Media

For all local coverage in May, click here.

Multiple Outlets

UD to Graduate Record Number of Students
April 30-May 7
All three local TV stations and Dayton Daily News

University of Dayton Engineers Working to Make Food Pantry Distribution More Efficient
May 4 and 7
Kelly Bohrer, Fitz Center
Kellie Schneider, School of Engineering
Madeline Mock, School of Engineering
Hanley Sustainability Institute
WDTN-TV and Dayton Business Journal

University of Dayton Has a New Siren to Help Enhance Campus Safety
May 7-8, 12
Rodney Chatman, executive director of public safety

What's at Stake in the Ohio Primary
May 8
Christopher Devine, political science
WHIO-TV and Dayton Daily News 

New Building Brings Partners Together
May 18-20
Eric Spina, president
Dayton Business Journal, Dayton Daily News, WDTN-TV, WHIO-TV, ABC22/Fox45


3 Detainees Released from North Korea
May 9
Tony Talbott, Human Rights Center

North Korea Threatens to Scrap Historic Summit
May 16
Tony Talbott, Human Rights Center

Senate Repeals Changes to Net Neutrality
May 17
Andrew Rossow, School of Law

President Cancels Summit with North Korea
May 24
Tony Talbott, Human Rights Center


Is it Legal for Police to Find a Suspect Using Online Genealogical Databases?
May 3
Thaddeus Hoffmeister, School of Law

Experts Weigh in About Going Vegan and if the Health Claims Add Up
May 18
Diana Cuy Castellanos, dietetics

Leaders of Dayton Arcade Redevelopment Excited by Dayton's Decision to Enter Agreement
May 23
Vincent Lewis, L. William Crotty Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership

The Catholic Telegraph

New Feast of Mary Will Follow Pentecost 
May 1
Gloria Dodd, International Marian Research Institute

Dayton Daily News

UD Twins Graduate Today; Part of Community College Transfer Trend
May 6
Julia Thompson, admission and financial aid

What’s Next?: DeWine vs. Cordray Fight for Ohio
May 9
Christopher Devine, political science

UD Students Make Opioids Subject of Documentary
May 9
Greg Kennedy, communication

‘Throw the Bums out’ Mantra Didn’t Apply to Tuesday’s Election
May 11
Christopher Devine, political science

UD Hires New Human Rights Center Director from United Nations
May 15
Shelley Inglis, Human Rights Center

Stagnant Population, Lower Wages a Drag on Area Home Building
May 20
Richard Stock, Business Research Group