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October in the News

Highlights for October are below, but you can click here to view links to all of the University's media coverage for the month.

So far in fiscal year 2017, through October, the total value of coverage is an estimated $9.5 million with an estimated reach of 1.03 billion people. Media in states and countries other than Ohio and the U.S. have mentioned the University at least 717 times. Monthly and cumulative figures are based on Meltwater media monitoring service data.

Regional, National and International

In City Built by Immigrants, Immigration Is the Defining Political Issue
New York Times
Jamie Longazel, sociology

Analysis: How the Colombian peace deal fell apart
USA TODAY (At least 38 outlets and at least 19 states picked up the story)
Camilo Pérez-Bustillo, Human Rights Center

University of Dayton business majors working to commercialize Air Force tech
Poets and Quants for Undergrads
Vincent Lewis, Crotty Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership director
Rebecca Blust, Innovation Center director

Kaine and Pence bring staid and steady to national debate stage
Bloomberg Politics (Also ran in Yahoo! Finance and Chicago Tribune)
Christopher Devine, political science

Previewing the VP Debate
KCBS-FM, San Francisco
Christopher Devine, political science

The Tricky Task of Teaching About Trump
The Chronicle of Higher Education
Christopher Devine, political science

Why the Kaine vs. Pence vice presidential debate matters
The Conversation (At least 79 outlets picked up the article)
Christopher Devine, political science

No knock-out punches in VP debate and Two weeks to go until Election Day
Christopher Devine, political science

Pence debate win could be 'pivotal point' and Trump Remains Within Striking Distance in Three Key States
Christopher Devine, political science

Donald Trump delivered in 2nd debate and Trump's chances barely alive despite a strong showing
The Straits Times
Christopher Devine, political science

Speaker Series guest Paul Loeb on being an engaged, active citizen
Paul Loeb, Speaker Series

Choose a Law School Based on Teaching Style
U.S. News & World Report
Andrew Strauss, School of Law dean

With cyberthreats ever-present in higher ed, prevention begins with users
CIO Dive
Tom Skill, chief information officer

9 CIOs share why they chose higher ed over private sector
8 CIOs share campus IT horror stories
Education Dive
Tom Skill, chief information officer

Data Center Colocation Helps Higher Education IT Control Costs
Tom Skill, chief information officer

The Geography of Mercy
Vince Miller, religious studies

2016 winter travel tips
Yue Pan, marketing

How the University of Dayton uses Alteryx to boost retention rates and improve student life
Jason Reinoehl, vice president for strategic enrollment management

8 Carby Snacks That Can Actually Help You Lose Weight
Women's Health
Diana Cuy Castellanos, health and sport science

preLaw back-to-school issue - Around the nation, The hands-on first year and Dusting off the Rust Belt
Andrew Strauss, School of Law dean

Your silly emojis are going to court
Yahoo! Tech and Yahoo! Finance
Susan Brenner, School of Law

Immigration and Election 2016
Sirius XM's Catholic Channel
Jamie Longazel, sociology

Thanksgiving Day store closings aren't really about you
Raycom News Network
Serdar Durmusoglu, marketing

Trump's unconventional campaign has analysts puzzled
Raycom News Network
Dan Birdsong, political science

Welcome to Cleveland, World Series fans
Cleveland Plain Dealer
Peter Titlebaum, sports management

Closure of Calais 'Jungle' camp: What’s next for former residents?
Christian Science Monitor
Camilo Pérez-Bustillo, Human Rights Center

What's behind the pushback against offensive Halloween costumes?
Christian Science Monitor
Leslie Picca, sociology

Not registered to vote? You won't be a juror
Cincinnati Enquirer; The Associated Press also picked up the story
Thaddeus Hoffmeister, School of Law

What I'm Reading: 'The Future of the Professions'
The Chronicle of Higher Education
Andrew Strauss, School of Law dean

Arrestor beds help prevent disaster on Pence's campaign jet
Houston Chronicle via The Associated Press
University of Dayton Research Institute

How Clinton And Trump Are Using Their Running Mates On The Campaign Trail
Christopher Devine, political science

Dayton-area Media

For all local coverage in October, click here.

Multiple outlets

University of Dayton Names Vice President for Marketing and Communications
WDTN-TV, Dayton Daily News, Dayton Business Journal
Molly Wilson, marketing and communications

Safety Fair
Dayton's CW, WDTN-TV, ABC22/Fox45

Army ROTC centennial 

UDRI Tested Technology Stopping Pence Plane
Dayton Daily News, WDTN-TV and ABC22/Fox45

Therapy dogs on campus
WHIO-TV, Dayton Daily News

Dayton Daily News

Young voters carry clout, but will they show up?
Dan Birdsong, political science

Fuyao chairman says 3,000 jobs possible at Moraine plant
Former University of Dayton President Daniel J. Curran

Changes push students to apply earlier for financial aid
Robert Durkle, associate vice president and dean of admission and financial aid

Area stores buck trend to open on Thanksgiving Day and Online sales driving increases in holiday shopping
Serdar Durmusoglu, marketing

This election has created 'uncertainty'
Richard Stock, business

Parents of missing Mexican students to speak about human rights at UD
Camilo Pérez-Bustillo, executive director, Human Rights Center

WikiLeaks email dump a cautionary tale
David Salisbury, MIS, OM, & decision sciences

University of Dayton presents 'Die Fledermaus'

ArtsLive series expands boundaries


Book desert book drive
Karlos Marshall, ArtStreet

A Kettering Family is Suing Dayton Dragons After Foul Ball Incident
Tom Hagel, School of Law

WHIO Reports on the University of Dayton Research Institute
John Leland and Allan Crasto

Protecting personal information
David Salisbury, MIS, OM, & decision sciences

Forum helps sort out history-making presidential race
Christopher Devine, political science


Post-VP debate analysis
Christopher Devine, political science

Division in the GOP
Grant Neeley, political science 

VP debate watch party

Sustainability Week
Student Ryan Cunningham

Post-final debate analysis
Joe Valenzano, communication

Legal expert weighs-in on Pilkington’s alleged murder confession
Thaddeus Hoffmeister, School of Law

Quidditch match celebrates banned book exhibit
Andrew Kosmowski, libraries


Ballot roll-off and local races
Grant Neeley, political science

Post-final debate analysis
Dan Birdsong, political science

UD professor: cybersecurity attack didn't compromise financial data
David Salisbury, MIS, OM, & decision sciences

Vatican issues decree on cremation
Dennis Doyle, religious studies

Candidates push early voting, and it's working
Christopher Devine, political science

Dayton Magazine

Dayton Q&A: Five questions with UD President Eric Spina


Ohio and early voting
Grant Neeley, political science

Dayton City Paper

Metal in Strange Places conference
Bryan Bardine, English

ArtsLIVE screens film, hosts Trio Da Kali

Dayton Business Journal

UD launching new online MBA program