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February in the News

Highlights for February are below, but you can click here to view links to all of the University's media coverage for the month.

So far in fiscal year 2017, through February, the total value of coverage is an estimated $15.4 million with an estimated reach of 1.67 billion people. Media in states and countries other than Ohio and the U.S. have mentioned the University at least 1,188 times. Monthly and cumulative figures are based on Meltwater media monitoring service data.

Regional, National and International

Transfer trailblazers in higher ed
University Business
Julia Thompson, financial aid

Corporate America’s Trump dilemma
Terence Lau, School of Business Administration

Pitch Contest Goes to Vietnam
BizEd Magazine
Vincent Lewis, entrepreneurship

Under seldom-used law, Congress reverses Obama environmental rule affecting coal mining
Columbus Dispatch
Blake Watson, law

What to expect from Super Bowl commercials part I and part II
Randy Sparks, marketing

Reviewing the Super Bowl ads 
Randy Sparks, marketing

11 college admissions tips we learned from the editor of the Princeton Review
University of Dayton

Antioch Writers' Workshop partners with University of Dayton
Fox 19 Cincinnati, via The Associated Press (at least 30 outlets picked up the story)

Column: Loria tries to finish off great con in South Florida
Associated Press (more than 200 outlets picked up the story)
Marc Poitras, economics

Trump may shrink EPA, but effects in Ohio to be delayed
Columbus Dispatch
Michelle Pautz, political science

The Legacy of Segregation Lives On in Today's Generation of African-Americans
Ruth Thompson-Miller, sociology

Can Celebrities Help Bring Peace?
Peace News
Alexandra Budabin, human rights studies

Why America's Airports Suck
Institutional Investor
Janet Bednarek, history

Dayton-area Media

For all local coverage in February, click here.

Multiple Outlets

I Love UD
WDTN-TV and Dayton Daily News

UD announces lowest tuition increase in 45 years
ABC22/Fox45, WHIO-TV, Dayton Business Journal and Dayton Daily News

UD projects record 4-year grad rate, drop in student debt this spring
WHIO-TV and Dayton Daily News

Human rights expert discusses latest with executive orders on immigration and refugees
Camilo Pérez-Bustillo, Human Rights Center

UD to begin construction on student housing in May
Dayton Daily News, Dayton Business Journal and WDTN-TV

Spring Career Fair
ABC22/Fox45 and WDTN-TV

Dayton Daily News

A lame duck maybe, but Kasich still wields power
Former Gov. Bob Taft, political science

Does government play a role in children eating healthy?
Diana Cuy Castellanos, health and sport science

Though diminished, GM’s success still impacts Dayton
Richard Stock, Business Research Group

Antioch Writers’ Workshop to relocate at University of Dayton
English Department

UD prof: Speed camera ruling a 'good argument' for fine refunds
Tom Hagel, School of Law

How 'Darknet' sites make tracing illegal activity difficult
Thaddeus Hoffmeister, law

UDRI lead in cutting edge gas storage research
Brian Rice, University of Dayton Research Institute

Cable fights for customers
Serdar Durmusoglu, marketing

Sheriff: County leaders deserve civilian oversight committees
Jamie Longazel, sociology


Angry yet? Capital One leads robocallers in the Dayton area (Watch here)
Randy Sparks, marketing


What a new education secretary means for the future
Tom Lasley, teacher education

What Flynn's resignation means for Trump's administration
Grant Neeley, political science

Green Dot Week at the University of Dayton
Kristen Keen, student development


How fake news may have taken over your timeline
Chad Painter, communication

DeVos sworn in as education secretary
Tom Lasley, teacher education

Groups take conservative principles to extreme level
Art Jipson, sociology

Law professor discusses legal recourse for bullying
Thaddeus Hoffmeister, School of Law

Hackers use charging stations to access private data
David Salisbury, information technology

Woman finds shirt on windshield, worries someone was trying to abduct her
Tony Talbott, Human Rights Center


Brexit, Inequality, Climate Change and Energy
What Are the Barriers to a Renewable Energy Transformation?

Bob Brecha, Hanley Sustainability Institute

Politics Ohio: What Is An Executive Order Anyway?
Christopher Devine, political science

The Dayton Jewish Observer

UD to expand Judaics classes
Dustin Atlas, religious studies