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September In the News

Even before Pope Francis touched down in the U.S., media outlets were seeking University of Dayton faculty and staff for their expert comments on Pope Francis' historic trip. Stories related to the visit led the University's news coverage in September, which reached nearly every state, five countries and high profile outlets such The Associated Press, Al Jazeera America, Christian Science Monitor, U.S. News & World Report, National Public Radio and America

The announcement of a new University president and Election 2016 also drew considerable coverage. The total value of September's coverage is an estimated $4.8 million and the estimated reach is more than a billion people.

Including September, the total perceived advertising value of the University's media coverage is at least $16.9 million for fiscal year 2015-16. The potential audience reached is at least 3.74 billion. Media in states and countries other than Ohio and the U.S. have mentioned the University at least 798 times.

Monthly and cumulative figures are based on data from Meltwater media monitoring service.

Highlights for September are below, and you can click here to view links to all of the University’s media coverage for the month.

Pope Francis’s Visit to the U.S.

Highlights of international, national and regional coverage are below. Click here for the complete list.

Daniel J. Curran, University of Dayton President

The Associated Press and Dayton and Cincinnati media ran stories about President Daniel J. Curran's invitation and trip to the ceremony at The White House to welcome Pope Francis to the U.S.

Vince Miller, Gudorf Chair in Catholic Theology and Culture

Pope Francis and Climate Change - Fox 5 New York

America Letter: Pope's visits will bring U.S. and Cuba together - Irish Times

Pope Francis could ease divided Washington - The Columbus Dispatch

When Does Pope Francis Arrive in the United States, Washington, D.C., New York, and Philadelphia? - The Atlantic

The Power, and the Limits, of Pope Francis' Climate Message - U.S. News & World Report

Before The Pope Arrives In The U.S., Here Are 3 Stories You Should Read - New Hampshire Public Radio

The Politics of Mercy Comes to Congress - America

L'Amérique en effervescence avant l'arrivée du pape -

Pope religious liberty talk falls short, amid list of issues - More than 1,000 outlets via The Associated Press

Mark Ensalaco, Director of Human Rights Research, University of Dayton Human Rights Center

Pope's politics defy traditional U.S. liberal/conservative labels - in Washington, DC, via the Sinclair Broadcast Group wire

Pope Francis' Address to Congress - 700 WLW, Cincinnati

Pope Francis' Address to Congress - Entravision/Univision in Washington, DC (6 p.m.)

Pope Francis' Address to Congress - Entravision/Univision in Washington, DC (11 p.m.)

Pope Francis urges action on climate change, immigration in message to Congress - The Columbus Dispatch

Pope Francis' Address to Congress - Al Jazeera America

Cecilia Moore, associate professor of religious studies

Pope Francis Inspires Black Catholics, Despite Complicated Church History On Race - NPR. NPR stations in Los Angeles, Seattle, Minneapolis, Sacramento, Washington, D.C.; Philadelphia, Detroit, Raleigh, Boston, New York City, Chicago and Baltimore, among many others.

Dennis Doyle, professor of religious studies

Pope Francis As Political, Spiritual Figure - Al Jazeera America

A Look Back at Papal Visits to the US - Al Jazeera America

Global Journalist: The Francis Effect - KBIA-TV (Columbia, Missouri)

Catholicism in the United States - Animal Politico

U.S. Catholic Church tries to "accept" the Pope and return to growth - Red Portal (Brazil)

Joe Valenzano, chair of the communication department

Pope Francis met Kim Davis: why it matters in fight over religious freedom - Christian Science Monitor, also ran in Yahoo! News

Sandra Yocum, associate professor of religious studies

Pope Francis in the U.S.: ‘Witness to the Gospel and to our Better Selves’ Radio Sputnik (formerly Voice of Russia Radio)

Sr. Laura Leming, associate professor of sociology

El palpable 'efecto Franciso' - Vida Neuva

St. Mary's Catholics Hope Pope's Address Creates A Political Miracle: Congressional Unity - Texas Public Radio

Dan Thompson, chair of the religious studies department

Pope Francis' Visit - KCBS-AM, San Francisco

Kathy Sales, assistant director of campus ministry for liturgy

Designing pope's linens labor of love for Westmoreland County monk - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. The Associated Press picked up this story and it ran in at least 63 outlets, including The Washington Times, San Francisco Chronicle, Crux Now, Houston Chronicle and Connecticut Post.

Regional, National and International

The appointment of Eric Spina as the University's 19th president attracted much attention. Nearly 250 outlets picked up The Associated Press story and the Dayton Business Journal, Dayton Daily News, all three Dayton TV stations and multiple Cincinnati outlets ran stories about the University's next president. You can see all the stories here.

In a column inThe Washington Post — "Are we nearing the end of college pricing as we know it?" — higher education expert Jeff Selingo singled out the University of Dayton's tuition plan for praise. 

The University's Human Rights Center and Social Practice of Human Rights Conference received advance coverage from regional and local media, including WVXU-FM, Cincinnati's NPR affiliate; WYSO-FM, Dayton's NPR affiliate; and WDTN-TV.

Media nationwide contacted political science lecturer Dan Birdsong for his thoughts on the second GOP debate. The Advocate in New Orleans talked to him about "Low poll numbers keep Gov. Bobby Jindal at the 'kiddie table' for second presidential debate.The Columbus Dispatch also talked to him about "Trump again takes spotlight in GOP debate." A Sinclair Broadcasting Group online story with Birdsong's thoughts ran in outlets in Washington, D.C.; and Reno, Nevada. Birdsong also did an interview with in Cincinnati about Millennial voters.

Communication department chair and political and religious communication expert Joe Valenzano also weighed in on Election 2016 during interviews with WLW-AM in Cincinnati and the Christian Science Monitor (also run by Yahoo! News).

Nearly 280 outlets picked up The Associated Press brief on the award of the largest contract in the history of the University of Dayton Research Institute. All three Dayton TV stations, the Dayton Business Journal and the Dayton Daily News also ran stories about the contract.

The Hill talked to business professor Michael Gorman on "How investment in transportation infrastructure boosts productivity."

The International Business Times talked to Latin American historian Juan Santamarina about "US easing Cuba travel, business restrictions."

Associate history professor Caroline Merithew was a guest for the Illinois Public Radio audio documentary "We Were Not Ladies. We Were Women" about Agnes Burns Wieck and her year as president of the Illinois Women's Auxiliary of the Progressive Miners of America.

Pop culture expert Jim Farrelly talked to The Christian Science Monitor about the premiere of "The Late Show With Stephen Colbert," which drew double the ratings of the competition. Yahoo! News also picked up the story.

IEEE Signal Processing Magazine featured the research of Vision Lab Director Vijayan Asari in its story "Signal Processing Opens New Views on Imaging."

The Washington Post talked to auto historian John Heitman about "America's once magical — now mundane — love affair with cars."

U.S. News & World Report interviewed accounting lecturer and certified financial planner Alisa Livesay about "How to Build Credit Without Credit Cards."

Law professor Charlie Hallinan talked to The Plain Dealer in Cleveland about a $60 million state contract awarded to an ethics violator's company.

Dayton-area Media

Multiple outlets

The Dayton Daily News and WDTN reported on health website Greatist naming the University one of America’s healthiest colleges.

Lightning strike survivor Sean Ferguson was among those featured in WHIO and ABC22/Fox45 online stories about a Miami Valley Hospital event celebrating trauma survivors.

The Dayton Daily News and all three Dayton TV stations came out for the unveiling of two electric vehicles donated to the University for mail delivery and parking services. Cincinnati NPR affiliate WVXU-FM also ran a story online.

The Dayton Daily News and WHIO-TV talked to law professor emeritus Tom Hagel about a local murder case.

The Dayton Daily News and all three Dayton TV stations came to campus to interview students watching Pope Francis’ address to Congress and students before leaving for the Papal Mass in Philadelphia. The Catholic Telegraph also included University watch parties in a roundup from around the archdiocese.

The Dayton Daily News and all three Dayton TV stations did stories about the fall career fair.

WDTN-TV and ABC22/Fox45 talked to religious communications expert Joe Valenzano about Pope Francis' visit to the U.S.

WHIO-TV and WDTN-TV talked to political scientist Grant Neeley about U.S. House Speaker John Boehner's resignation.

Dayton Daily News

Sept. 2: Serdar Durmusoglu, marketing, housing and jobs.

Sept. 11: David Salisbury, business, and Tom Hagel, law; identity theft.

Sept. 15: Jon Puricelli, students, "3 questions with … Jon Puricelli, UD student who visited Kosovo."

Sept. 15: Marc Poitras, economics, interest rates.

Sept. 17: Art Jipson, Flyer Radio.

Sept. 20: Vince Miller, religious studies, Pope Francis.

Sept. 21: Jana Bennett, religious studies, Pope Francis.

Sept. 21: Bob Taft, marijuana ballot initiative.

Sept. 21: Sr. Laura Leming, sociology, Pope Francis.

Sept. 22: Vince Miller, religious studies, Pope Francis.

Sept. 25, Mark Ensalaco, Human Rights Center, refugees in Dayton.

Sept. 30: Christmas on Campus.


Sept 16: Dan Birdsong, political science, GOP debate.

Dayton Business Journal

Two stories on Friday, Sept. 18, and another Monday, Sept. 21, chronicled aspirations in the  School of Engineering’s strategic plan.


Sept. 21: Bob Brecha, Hanley Sustainability Institute, Pope Francis’ encyclical.

Sept. 29: Harriet Kamakil-Brown, Center for International Programs, her journey from Kenya.

Dayton City Paper

Sept. 29: Michael Bashaw, sustainability artist in residence, sustainable music experiment.

Fairborn Daily Herald

Sept. 23: Phil Raterman, FastLane, Dayton Metro Plan for Economic Diversity.