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December In the News

As the race to The White House rolled along and Christmas neared, the University of Dayton continued to be in the news for our elections experts, nativities display and Christmas on Campus.

A leading research publication featured the work of one researcher while our human rights and sustainability researchers continued to make news around the globe.

Other prominent national media touted our School of Law's two-year law program and our students' role in an investment group that continually outperforms pros.

Highlights for December are below, but you can click here to view links to all of the University's media coverage for the month.

The total value of December's coverage is an estimated $1.92 million with an estimated reach of nearly 588.7 billion people.

Including December, the total perceived advertising value of the University's media coverage for fiscal year 2016 is at least $35.3 million. The potential audience reached is at least 8.05 billion. Media in states and countries other than Ohio and the U.S. have mentioned the University at least 1,785 times. Monthly and cumulative figures are based on Meltwater media monitoring service data.

Regional, National and International

Leading journal Science published research that included prominent contributions from geologist Umesh Haritashya.

Alexandra Budabin, Human Rights Center research fellow, wrote the op-ed "Remembering Our Shared Humanity" for the newspaper in Aldo Adige, Italy.

Bob Brecha, Hanley Sustainability Institute director of research, wrote the op-ed "Nuclear Power - The Solution to Future Energy and Climate Challenges?" for the Huffington Post.

Bloomberg Businessweek picked up a Dayton Daily News story — Solar, wind power a small part of state's energy footprint — quoting Sukh Sidhu, leader of the University of Dayton Research Institute sustainable environmental technologies group.

The Associated Press, Sinclair Broadcasting Group and in Cincinnati talked to political science lecturer Dan Birdsong for a variety of Election 2016 topics — candidates avoiding debates with underdogs, how the GOP debate is crucial for Ohio Gov. John Kasich’s name recognition and polls showing Donald Trump is back on top.

The School of Law's two-year law degree program received prominent mentions in the The New York Times and JD Journal. The New York Times story on two-year law degrees said the University of Dayton School of Law is among "a handful of other law schools are still successfully offering a two-year degree option." JD Journal featured the School of Law and graduate Sutton Smith in its story "The Two-Year J.D. Program: A Critical Option for Some Students."

USA TODAY College did a story on Global Platinum Securities, which has been beating the S&P 500 every year since 2008 and, since its first investment in 2005, has outperformed the S&P by 2.9 percent in annualized returns during its 10 years. Harvard University, Georgetown University, University of Dayton, London School of Economics, University of Colorado, University of Pennsylvania, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and New York University make up the eight 'pods' of students who comprise the company.

The Associated Press quoted law professor Thaddeus Hoffmeister in a story about lawsuits about the release of police videos. The story appeared in about 50 outlets.

The Christian Science Monitor talked to sociologist Jamie Longazel for its story "Obama marks abolition of slavery with plea to reject 'bigotry in all forms.'" Yahoo! News also picked up the story.

Talk Media News, which provides breaking news coverage of domestic and world news to more than 400 radio stations across the United States, interviewed Mark Ensalaco, director of human rights research in the Human Rights Center, about Republicans' stances on regime change and military intervention.

Ensalaco also talked to WLW-AM in Cincinnati about the San Bernadino shootings.

Ohio Engineer included the School of Engineering's strategic plan in its annual roundup of activities at the state’s engineering schools.

Bloomberg Businessweek also picked up a Dayton Daily News story quoting Chief Information Officer Tom Skill about a Time Warner Internet outage that affected much of the country.

Huffington Post blogger Elaine Ambrose mentioned her upcoming presentation at the Erma Bombeck Writers' Workshop in her blog entry "Speaking of Laughter."

The Catholic Telegraph, the archdiocese of Cincinnati monthly newspaper, wrote articles on the All About Mary website and the At the Manger nativities exhibit.

The South Bend Tribune did a story about nativities on loan from the Marian library on display on the Notre Dame campus.

Assistant economics professor Marc Poitras contributed to a Dayton Daily News experts roundup discussing interest rates. Bloomberg Businessweek picked up the story.

Philosophy professor Messay Kebede wrote "Ethiopia: Oromo Uprising: Danger and Opportunity" for the Ethiopian blog

Several outlets in the region told the remarkable story of Sean Ferguson's journey to graduation after he was struck by lightning in April. More than 230 outlets picked up The Associated Press story about Ferguson and the University of Dayton graduation. WHIO-TV covered the Miami Valley Crimestoppers award presentation to the first responders who saved Ferguson's life.

The Morning Journal in Avon Lake, Ohio, and the Newark (Ohio) Advocate wrote stories about local students' roles in Christmas on Campus.

Yahoo! News ran a Best College Reviews website story that listed Christmas on Campus among "The 45 Best College Holiday Events."

Dayton-area Media

Multiple Outlets

The Dayton Daily News and Dayton Business Journal did stories on Allan Crasto's promotion to director of the Research Institute.

The Dayton Daily News and WHIO-TV did stories about Dayton Civic Scholars' work to help build a Dayton neighborhood park.

The Dayton Business Journal and Dayton Daily News did stories on the Business Plan Competition.

The Dayton Daily News,, WYSO and WDTN-TV covered a teach-in on Syrian refugees, which human rights studies students organized to help the community understand the situation.

WHIO-TV and WDTN-TV previewed Christmas on Campus and also did stories from the event.

The Dayton Business Journal and Dayton Daily News covered Paul Bobrowski's announcement that he will step down as dean of the School of Business Administration.

The Dayton Daily News and WHIO-TV talked to law professor emeritus Tom Hagel about a local murder case.

Dayton Daily News

Dec. 1: Thaddeus Hoffmeister, law, Bellfontaine murders.

Dec. 9: Dan Birdsong, political science, potential government shutdown.

Dec. 21: Michelle Baker, health and sport science, healthy holiday eating.

Dec. 25: Charlie Russo, School of Education and Health Sciences, trusting in school officials when bomb threats emerge.

Dec. 25: Dayton Contemporary Dance Company

Dec. 26: Martin Luther King breakfast.

Dec. 27: Richard Stock, Business Research Group, job market.

Dec. 28: At the Manger.

Dec. 29: Tom Hagel, law, Castle Doctrine.

Dec. 31: Diana Cuy Castellanos, health and sport science, health benefits of phytochemicals.

Dayton Business Journal

Dec. 11: FastLane, UDRI.


Dec. 1: Randy Sparks, marketing, Cyber Monday.

Dec. 7: Art Jipson, criminal justice studies, fraudulent GoFundMe pages.

Dec. 29: At the Manger.


Dec. 1: Mike Gorman, School of Business Administration, Wilmington Air Park.


Dec. 7 and 14: Bob Brecha, Hanley Sustainability Institute, refugees and climate change.

Dec. 21: Keigo Hirakawa, engineering, profile.

Dec. 28: Bob Brecha, Hanley Sustainability Institute, green electricity.

Beavercreek News Current

Dec. 12: Peter Wallace, student, Christmas on Campus.