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Regional, National and International

The University's announcement that Martin Sheen will be awarded an honorary degree at May's commencement went global. The China Post and a TV station in Newfoundland are among the thousands of media outlets that picked up this story from The Associated Press. Outside Ohio, TV and radio stations in Detroit, Chattanooga, Indianapolis, New York City and Los Angeles also mentioned the announcement.

The National Catholic Reporter included the University in its story "Loyola-Chicago climate conference discusses 'nuts and bolts' of fossil fuel divestment." The three-day conference included interim Provost Paul Benson and George Hanley, who donated $12.5 million to start the Hanley Sustainability Institute. Last June, the University of Dayton became the first U.S. Catholic university to divest. 

The Inside Climate News website included the University on a map "Tracking Academia's Fossil Fuel Divestment."

The German-version of Catholic News Service, a diocesan paper in HondurasCatholic Telegraph and Catholic News Service did stories about Cardinal Oscar Andres Rodríguez Maradiaga of Honduras receiving the Romero Award. Local NPR affiliate WYSO-FM also did a story on receiving the Romero Award.

The Chronicle of Higher Education featured the University's four-year tuition guarantee in its story "What Happens When a College Tells Students What They'll Pay for All 4 Years?"

The Columbus Dispatch story "Questions raised about the death penalty in Ohio" cited former Ohio Gov. Bob Taft's personal account in University of Dayton Magazine of dealing with death penalty cases. Taft currently is a distinguished research associate in the School of Education and Health Sciences.

The National Law Journal reported the appointment of Andrew Strauss as the School of Law's new dean. Locally, theDayton Daily News and Dayton Business Journal also reported on Strauss' appointment.

Science Daily quoted health communication expert in "E-cigarette advertising makes one crave ... tobacco?" Thompson said, "These findings are especially relevant to ongoing health and policy discussions, as they indicate that it is not just the health impact of e-cigs and vaping themselves that must be considered. The interrelationship between tobacco smoking and media representations of the 'e' versions examined in this study make clear that portrayal of actions that just look like smoking has an effect on viewers who smoke or used to smoke." At least 60 outlets around the world picked up this story, including, Times of India and MedicalXpress. HealthDayNews also picked up the story and that version ran in many outlets nationwide.

Richard Stock, director of the Business Research Group, discussed President Barack Obama's stimulus package in a POLITICO story titled "Hey, Governors: You Didn’t Build That." More than 10 percent of the labor force — 586,000 people — was unemployed in 2010, Stock recalled. "It is difficult to describe how awful it was," Stock said. "There's no question that the stimulus definitely was extremely important in helping the state recover," particularly the federal money that flowed to infrastructure projects and state and local governments.

The Daily Beast website cited the book, Educating Early Christians through the Rhetoric of Hell, by assistant religious studies professor Meghan Henning in its story "What the Hell Is the Purpose of Hell?"

Assistant political science professor Joshua Ambrosius wrote "Presidential candidates in 2016 should not underestimate the power of urban identity — it allowed Obama to halve Bush's urban victories" for the London School of Politics and Economics' daily blog on American politics and policy.

Dayton-area Media

Multiple Outlets

The Dayton Daily News and WDTN-TV featured the University of Dayton's black box research for airplanes in stories about a European plane crash.

WHIO-TV and the Dayton Business Journal reported on the announcement that Jason Pierce, interim dean, has been named dean of the University's College of Arts and Sciences.

Dayton Daily News

March 4: Art Jipson, criminal justice studies, online photos.

March 8: Diana Cuy Castellanos, health and sport science, healthy eating during pregnancy.

March 12: Mark Jacobs, business, Standard Register.

March 14: LitFest.

March 16: Tom Hagel, law, and Ruth Thompson-Miller, sociology; Ferguson, Missouri.

March 19: Serdar Durmusoglu, business, shopping malls.

March 21: Roesch Library, "Charism, Character and Calling."

March 22: Jennifer Dalton, health and sport science, "What's in Your Gut?"

March 25: University of Dayton Research Institute, airplane black boxes.

March 27: University of Dayton & Miami Valley Hospital Healthcare Symposium.

March 29: "UD research improves business community."


March 20: Rivers Summit.

March 26: CityLinks preview.


March 9: Dave Salisbury, business, cybersecurity.

March 11: Actor Nick Searcy stopped by Five on 2 to talk about mixing historical accuracy with movie drama in Hollywood. Anchor Mark Allan talked with Searcy ahead of a speaking engagement at the University of Dayton.

March 20: Tom Hagel, law, drug-testing after accidents.

March 31: Rob Durkle, NCAA tournament run.