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Regional, National and International

National Catholic Reporter interviewed Vince Miller, religious studies professor and Gudorf Chair in Catholic Theology and Culture for "Encyclical on environment stimulates hope among academics and activists.

"An Energy Manager Today article — "The Flyers and Local Dayton Community Embrace Ohio's Energy Future Tour and Are Ready for Energy Innovation" — mentioned the University's involvement in the Ohio's Energy Future Tour, a statewide series of forums to discuss the positive economic and health impacts of clean energy.

The Wall Street Journal mentioned how "the University of Dayton in Ohio guarantees that students will pay the same amount in tuition and fees throughout their undergraduate careers — and that scholarships and grants will grow in lock step with tuition increases" in its story about "Figuring out your financial-aid package."

The Associated Press picked up the University's news brief about the IT FLIES USA flight simulation competition hosted on campus April 18. The story ran in more than 1,300 outlets nationwide, according to a Google search. Local TV station ABC 22/Fox 45 also covered the event.

The Atlantic cited law professor Lori Shaw's ABA article "What Does it Take to Satisfy Character and Fitness Requirements?"

Aviation International News talked to Kevin Poorman in the University of Dayton Research Institute about black boxes for its story "Testing the Boundaries of ‘Black Boxes'" related to the Germanwings plane crash.

A Huffington Post story about refugees cited Theo Majka's research that compared refugees to those who've traveled to the U.S. by choice. It found that those forced from their native countries experienced significant mental health issues and often lacked the proper education on Western culture norms. reported on a partnership between Dominica Manufacturer's Association and the University to assist the Believers Multi-Purpose Cooperative with development of Virgin Coconut Oil and Cottage Industries with Coconut Cheese and other coconut products.

Allen McGrew was a guest of WLW-AM host Bill Cunningham to discuss the Nepal earthquake.

Joe Valenzano was a guest of WLW-AM host Marc Amazon to handicap the 2016 presidential race.

The website invited Jason Eckert, director of career services, to be among its experts discussing "Best & Worst Entry-Level Jobs" in today's job market.

Cincinnati TV station WCPO picked up a Dayton story quoting law professor Tom Hagel about the future of red-light cameras in Ohio.

The Columbus Dispatch is among the more than 800 outlets picking up this Associated Press story about alumna Erma Bombeck's home being placed on national register of historic places.

Lightning Strike Coverage

Many outlets nationwide covered the remarkable story of Sean Ferguson, a 23-year-old marketing major from Pittsburgh struck by lightning April 8. As of the end of April, Sean was focusing on his rehabilitation and hoping to go home soon, according to his family. He and his family are deeply grateful for the prayers and support from the University of Dayton community and the many letters from those whose lives have been touched by Sean and by his story.

Visit this link to view stories from Pittsburgh, Sean's hometown, including an exclusive interview with Sean and the first responders who saved his life.

Visit this link to view stories from Dayton media.

Visit this link to view national media coverage.

Dayton-area Media


The Dayton Daily News and Dayton Business Journal reported on a new community urbran agriculture partnership involving the University.

All three TV stations covered the University’s prayer service for Nepal.

WHIO-TV and ABC22/Fox45 did stories about therapy dogs easing students’ stress during finals week.

Dayton Daily News

April 6: Diana Cuy Castellanos, health and sport science, "Can you eat healthy at the ballpark?"

April 10: Jack Ling, Chinese students at U.S. universities.

April 15: Charlie Hallinan, law, red-light cameras.

April 18: UD presents thought-provoking 'Pouring Tea.'

April 20: Jennifer Dalton, health and sport science, probiotics.

April 21: Tom Hagel, law, red-light cameras.

April 26: Jason Pierce, Arts and Sciences, 20th anniversary of Dayton Peace Accords.

April 28: Jeremy Forbis, sociology, Freddie Gray and Baltimore.

Dayton Business Journal

April 22: School of Business Administration, Business Plan Competition.


April 6: Tom Hagel, law, red-light cameras.

Apri 21: Serdar Durmusoglu, marketing, retail development in Springfield.


April 28: Ruth Thompson-Miller, sociology, Freddie Gray and Baltimore.


April 21: Art Jipson, sociology, Kylie Jenner challenge.

Troy Daily News

April 15: Lalanne program.