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Viewing experts on: Flooding
Umesh Haritashya
Umesh Haritashya
Professor; Director of Graduate Program in Geology; Mann Chair in the Sciences

Haritashya leads a group reviewing satellite photos of the Nepalese peak section of Manaslu, the world's eighth-highest mountain, for secondary and tertiary hazards from earthquakes like landslides and river blockages. This effort is part of the 50-member international volunteer group formed after the Gorkha quake in Nepal under the umbrella of the NASA international Global Land Ice Measurements from Space project led by Jeff Kargel from the University of Arizona. He also has expertise in climate change impact on Himalayan glaciers, modeling of snow and glacier melt runoff, and natural hazards, including landslides and floods. The following media outlets have interviewed or quoted him:, Science and Dayton-area media.

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Shuang-ye Wu
Shuang-ye Wu
Professor; Chair of the Department of Geology and Environmental Geosciences

Wu studies potential impacts of climate change, particularly on coastal and inland flooding. She is an author of Potential Impacts of Sea-level Rise on the Mid- and Upper-Atlantic Region of the United States in the journal Climatic Change and Vulnerability of coastal communities to sea-level rise, a case study of Cape May County, New Jersey in Climate Research. The following media outlets have interviewed or quoted her: The Conversation, International Business Times, Ohio News Network, WVXU-FM (Cincinnati) and Dayton-area media.

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