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Papal Transition - Media Hits

From early Monday, Feb. 11, when Pope Benedict XVI shocked the world by announcing his resignation, University of Dayton faculty were in high demand by news media from around the world for their comments and insights.
Faculty wrote commentary, talked to print reporters, did radio and television interviews for local, national and international outlets, and engaged in online Google+ Hangouts. Their rapid responses and enthusiastic participation resulted in unprecedented exposure for the University of Dayton and our faculty's deep and wide expertise in the Catholic Church. 
The coverage resulted in hundreds of news stories around the world. Faculty fielded interviews from Great Britain, France, Jamaica, Canada and Brazil. Those stories, along with those originating in the U.S. were disseminated around the world.

Virtually every major U.S. news outlet, news service and most major broadcasters quoted University of Dayton faculty.

The list includes 11 national TV appearances, 34 unique national print and online hits (reprinted by hundreds of other outlets) and 12 international hits. A total of nine different faculty participated in national or international news coverage.

Below is a list of faculty interviews since Pope Benedict XVI's announcement, with significant hits from CNN, Fox News, The Associated Press, BBC, Catholic News Service and USA Today. Our faculty also had significant local media hits from all three TV stations, the Dayton Daily News and WYSO-FM.

See a report of all TV media hits here

See a report of all online media hits here.

National TV

3/19 - Fox News Live - "Pope Francis faces divided church in America" (Miguel Diaz)

3/19 – Univision – (Miguel Diaz)

3/13 - Wall Street Journal TV (video) - "Bergoglio is first pope from the Americas" (Miguel Diaz)

3/13 - CNN - "Piers Morgan" (Miguel Diaz) Watch here 

3/13 - CNN en Espanol (Miguel Diaz) Watch here

3/13 - CNN Latino (Miguel Diaz)

3/11 - Fox News Latino (Miguel Diaz) Watch here

3/7 - Fox News Latino (Miguel Diaz) Watch here

3/1 - PBS - "Selecting a New Pope: U.S. Catholic Voices" (Miguel Diaz)

2/27 - CNN en Espanol (Miguel Diaz) Watch here 

2/24 - CNN (Miguel Diaz) Watch here

2/11 - CNN (Miguel Diaz) Watch here


3/20 - Bloomberg Radio (audio) - "The Hays Advantage" (Miguel Diaz)

3/20 - The Washington Post - "U.S. ambassador’s post to the Vatican remains unfilled" (Miguel Diaz)

3/19 - The Associated Press - "Abuse victims want pope to open Argentina files" (Ramon Luzarraga)

3/17 - The Daily Beast - "Former Ambassador Miguel Díaz on Pope Francis" (Miguel Diaz)

3/16 - The Record (North Jersey) - "Jesuits see Pope Francis as trailblazer" (Miguel Diaz)

3/15 - The Examiner - "Will new Pope connect with younger generation?" (Jana Bennett)

3/15 - Philadelphia Inquirer "New pope, a champion of the poor, faces 'tremendously hard work' " (Miguel Diaz)

3/14 - WDEL-FM (Wilmington, Del.) - Listen to interview (Ramon Luzarraga) 

3/14 – Bloomberg News - "Election of Pope Francis Raises Hope for Vatican Shake-Up" (Bill Portier)

3/14 - - "A pope of firsts: Jesuit, Latin American and Francis" (Ramon Luzarraga)

3/14 - The Journal News - "Pope Francis' homeland, Argentina: devout, divided" (Ramon Luzarraga)

3/14 - - "Papal diplomacy is not just pomp and circumstance" (Miguel Diaz)

3/14 - Fox News Latino - "Will Pope Francis Be An Activist Like John Paul II, or Will He Stick to Church's Message?" (Miguel Diaz)

3/13 - Fox News Latino - "White smoke rises, new pope chosen" (Miguel Diaz)

3/13 - National Journal - "Obama's Pope Francis Challenge: Appoint a New Ambassador to the Vatican" (Miguel Diaz)

3/13 - The Miami Herald - "South Florida Catholics celebrate new pope" (Miguel Diaz)

3/13 - The Huffington Post - "Latin American Catholics Represent Growing Segment Of Church As Pope Francis Is Picked To Lead" (Miguel Diaz)

3/13 - Houston Chronicle - "Pope Francis excites Houston Catholics" (Miguel Diaz)

3/13 - - "New pope talks courage on first day" (Miguel Diaz)

3/12 - The Washington Post - "How the pope picks his name and why it matters" (Bill Portier)

3/5 - America Magazine - "Building Bridges" (Miguel Diaz)

3/5 - USA Today - "Who can lead the Catholic world now?" (Dan Thompson)

3/4 - Catholic News Service - "Panel of lay Catholics weighs in with advice for electing new pope" (Miguel Diaz)

2/22 - Catholic News Service - "US, Holy See cooperation often guided by pope's vision of just world" (Miguel Diaz)

2/19 - CNN Belief Blog - "In picking the next pope, Catholic population doesn’t equal power" (Miguel Diaz)

2/17 - The Associated Press - "Changing times in Rome Papacy buffeted by shifts in modern world" (Dennis Doyle)

2/16 - Star-Telegram (Fort Worth) - "Pope Benedict XVI's 'I quit' heard around the world" (Vince Miller)

2/15 - CNN Belief Blog - "The pope's mixed legacy with Latino Catholics" (Ramon Luzarraga)

2/13 - National Catholic Reporter "Benedict's resignation shifts focus from pope's personality to pope's office" (Vince Miller)

2/13 - Philadelphia Inquirer - "Vatican smoke signals: Church could be poised to elect African pontiff" (Dan Thompson)

2/12 - Fox News Latino - "Pope Benedict's Resignation Could Open Door to Latin American Pontiff" (Miguel Diaz)

2/12 - The Associated Press - "Benedict's successor will inherit both the authority and the challenges of a modern-day pope" (Dennis Doyle)

2/12 - Catholic News Service - "Ex-ambassador to Vatican lauds pope’s grace, courage, wisdom, humility" (Miguel Diaz)

2/11 - America - "A Final Act of Papal Teaching" (Vince Miller)


4/15 - Pravda (Slovakia) - Všimne si pápež ružový dym? (Sandra Yocum)

3/14 - BBC Radio 5 (Miguel Diaz) Listen here

3/14 - Correio Braziliense - "Santa Inspiracao" (Bill Portier)

3/13 - Correio Braziliense - "Como se chamara o papa?" (Bill Portier)

3/13 - The Guardian - "Pope Francis: questions remain over his role during Argentina's dictatorship" (Ramon Luzarraga)

3/12 - BBC Radio 5 (Miguel Diaz) Listen here

3/12 - Le Ben Franklin Post (France USA) - "Qui sont les catholiques américains?" (Sandra Yocum)

3/12 - CTV News - "How popes choose their names and why it matters" (Bill Portier)

2/25 – CJOB-AM (Winnipeg, Manitoba) - (Angela Ann Zukowski) Listen here

2/23 - Vatican Insider - "Diaz: 'Cardinal Mahony should reflect on the example set by the Pope' " (Miguel Diaz)

2/13 – Il Foglio (Rome) - "Gli americani sull’addio del Papa, controverso atto magisteriale" (Vince Miller)

2/12 - Jamaica Speaks (radio) (Sister Angela Ann Zukowski)

2/12 - The Globe and Mail - "Benedict’s legacy stained by the spectre of abuse" (Dennis Doyle)

Local (Dayton)


3/14 - Mass (Miguel Diaz) Watch here

3/13 - (Joe Valenzano, student) Watch here

3/13 - (Joe Valenzano, student) Watch here

3/13 - #Hopes4aNewPope - Watch here

3/11 - (Sandra Yocum) - Watch here


3/14 - Mass (Miguel Diaz, student) Watch here

3/14 - (Dan Thompson) Watch here 

3/13 - (Joe Valenzano, student) Watch here

3/13 - (Student) Watch here

3/13 - (Ramon Luzarraga) Watch here

3/10 - (Miguel Diaz) Watch here

2/28 - (Miguel Diaz) Watch here

2/11 - (Miguel Diaz)


3/14 - Mass (Miguel Diaz) Watch here

3/13 - (Jana Bennett, Ramon Luzarraga) Watch here 


3/16 - Dayton Daily News "Catholics look for direction from new Pope" (Bennett, Diaz, Valenzano)

3/13 - Dayton Daily News "Church cheers Argentine pope" (Diaz, Luzarraga)

3/13 - Dayton Business Journal - "New Pope Francis signifies a change in Catholic church" (Ramon Luzarraga)

3/11 - Dayton Daily News "Will cardinals go outside of Europe to select next pope?" (Cecilia Moore)

3/2 - WCSU "Miami Valley Journal" (Sandra Yocum)

2/12 - WYSO - "Pope's Resignation Has Implications for Catholics" (Sister Angela Ann Zukowski)

2/11 - Dayton Daily News "Potential pope candidate delivered keynote in Dayton in 2012" (Cardinal Peter Turkson, Bro. Ray Fitz)

2/11 - Dayton Daily News "Local Catholic leaders react to Pope Benedict XVI resignation" (Diaz, Doyle, Portier, Thompson, Zukowski)