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UD business student starts investment banking club, helps students secure internships

Landing investment banking jobs is challenging, so UD business student Isaac Grude created a club to help classmates gain experiential learning and networking opportunities, plus a leg up on the competition.

Grude founded the Dayton Investment Banking Club with his peers when they noticed UD students were not landing internships and jobs in their field at rates comparable to students at similar schools. He learned that beyond academics, they need to know how to get their foot in the door.

"It's tough going against schools that have investment banks recruiting on campus," Grude said. "Really my eyes opened when I went through the process myself. It’s competitive and kind of secretive unless you are in contact with people who can teach you to navigate it."

A 2021 CNBC article confirmed applicants face a highly competitive environment for investment banking positions. Goldman Sachs saw a 50% increase in applications, and JPMorgan Chase & Co. received 500,000 applications for 400 internships.

Students learn networking and other professional skills in a 14-week bootcamp, concluded by a mock investment pitch case study presented to ArkMalibu. Based on their performance throughout the boot camp and case studies, students are given the opportunity to intern with Carleton McKenna and Co.

All seven sophomores in the fall 2022 recruiting cycle secured internships for summer 2023. Placements include Bank of America, Lincoln International, BMO Capital Markets, Browns Gibbons Lang & Co. and BellMark Partners.

Grude is interning at Robert W. Baird in Chicago as an investment banking summer analyst and will graduate spring 2023.

"They are very hard working, thorough, humble in their search for knowledge, and eager to learn," said Andrew Lease, associate at Carleton McKenna and Co. who oversaw the students' work. "They’re not going to shy away from constructive feedback, which is key to becoming a successful young professional."

Click here to learn more about the club and its plans for the upcoming academic year.


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