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UD in the News Dec. 18-Jan. 7

Four faculty published Conversation pieces and U.S. News & World Report, Bloomberg and the Los Angeles Times quoted three others in stories during the last two weeks of 2021 and the first week of 2022.

Inflation, workforce participation and real wages: 3 key indicators for monitoring the economy in 2022
The Conversation
Marlon Williams, economics

2021's climate disasters revealed an east-west weather divide, with one side of the country too wet, the other dangerously dry
The Conversation
Shuang-Ye Wu, geology

How common is the ‘Common Era?’ How A.D. and C.E. took over counting years
The Conversation
Miriamne Ara Krummel, English

Are parents criminally responsible for the actions of their child? In the Oxford shooting case, prosecutors say yes
The Conversation
Thaddeus Hoffmeister, School of Law

Clean hydrogen use gaining momentum in countries
U.S. News & World Report
Bob Brecha, sustainability

Proposed tax hike may worsen plastic shortages and high prices
Michael Gorman, MIS, OSC & business analytics

Airlines have a recipe to reach zero emissions by 2050
Los Angeles Times
Joshua Heyne, mechanical and aerospace engineering

Before Derek Chauvin trial, authorities warned of threat of cyberattacks, white supremacist violence
Star Tribune (Minneapolis, Minnesota)
Paul Becker, sociology

Algae blooms are melting sea ice in the Arctic. Dayton researchers want to solve the problem
WVXU-FM (Cincinnati)
Ivan Sudakow, physics
Vijayan Asari, Vision Lab

WHIO Reports: Supply chain causes some Christmas shortages
Mike Gorman, business analytics

Student loan delay a relief for many, but concerns remain
Dayton Daily News
Jason Eckert, career services

Capitol riot suspects awaiting trial
Thaddeus Hoffmeister, School of Law

Political expert discusses impact of U.S. Capitol riot on future elections
Dan Birdsong, political science

COMMUNITY CONVERSATION: Understanding the region’s economic outlook for 2022
Dayton Daily News
Richard Stock, Business Research Group


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