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UD in the News May 28-June 4

Vox and NewsNation, formerly WGN America, sought the expertise of aviation historian Janet Bednarek to discuss United Airlines' purchase of supersonic planes. Elle interviewed psychologist Julie Walsh-Messinger about how bad memories can change the way people feel about their favorite fragrance.

Echoing the Concorde, United is buying supersonic planes from aviation startup boom
Janet Bednarek, history

Supersonic flights: The future of air travel could change forever with travel times cut in half
NewsNation (formerly WGN America)
Janet Bednarek, history

Can bad memories change the way you feel about your favorite fragrance?
Julie Walsh-Messinger, psychology

Judge won’t allow man accused of killing Dayton teens to use Ohio’s new stand your ground law as defense
Dayton Daily News
Tom Hagel, School of Law

‘Never seen prices like this:’ Meat prices high ahead of start of grilling season
Dayton Daily News
Mark Jacobs, business analytics

Governor DeWine calling for help in gun control laws amid Springfield shooting
Nancy Martorano Miller, political science


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