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UD in the news Jan. 22-29

Local news covered the announcement that the computer science building will be named after UD's first black, female graduate. National news outlet The Conversation featured articles written by faculty in human rights, history and psychology.

The Dayton Business Journal and WHIO-TV also ran stories on the community-driven Greater West Dayton Incubator. And, local experts shared comments on breaking news for the local media.

UD naming renovated computer science building after first black, female graduate
WDTN-TV and Dayton Daily News
Hathcock Hall 

Death threats and intimidation of public officials signal Trump's autocratic legacy
The Conversation
Shelley Inglis, Human Rights Center

Biden faces the world: 5 foreign policy experts explain US priorities – and problems – after Trump
The Conversation
Julius Amin, history

Anosmia, the loss of smell caused by COVID-19, doesn’t always go away quickly – but smell training may help
The Conversation
Julie Walsh-Messinger, psychology

With Portman retiring…Should we be bracing for a Senator Jim Jordan?
Talking Points Memo
Nancy Martorano Miller, political science

The Stoned Ape Hypothesis
How Stuff Works
Thomas Falk, education

West Dayton incubator plans micro-loan program for Dayton startups
Dayton Business Journal
Karlos Marshall, Greater West Dayton Incubator

Bringing jobs to west Dayton
Karlos Marshall, Greater West Dayton Incubator

Biden pledges action to curb climate change
Dayton Daily News
Bob Brecha, Hanley Sustainability Institute

House, Senate shift focus to impeachment
Dan Birdsong, political science

Rob Portman announces he will not seek re-election
Dan Birdsong, political science

Who might run for Portman's seat?
Christopher Devine, political science

Restaurants already struggling hit by “roller coaster” food prices in 2020
Dayton Daily News
Mark Jacobs, business analytics


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