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UD in the news Nov. 13-20

The Dayton Daily News highlighted UD's enrollment gains despite the pandemic. Felix Fernando in the Hanley Sustainability Institute weighed in on climate change for Mashable and Simanti Dasgupta in anthropology was part of a conversation on the UN trafficking protocol.

Several political science, law and human rights faculty shared their expertise with local and regional media regarding the election, pandemic and the castle doctrine.

8 ways climate change is already impacting you
Felix Fernando, Hanley Sustainability Institute

Looking Back, Looking Forward - the UN Trafficking Protocol at 20, Ep. 3: Sex workers in Sonagachi
Global Alliance Against Traffic in Women
Simanti Dasgupta, anthropology

Fast-growing Delaware County sees biggest election-turnout jump in Ohio
The Columbus Dispatch
Nancy Martorano Miller, political science

Local private colleges see enrollment surge
Dayton Daily News
Jason Reinoehl, enrollment management

As COVID-19 cases surge, concerns of panic buying return
Shelley Inglis, Human Rights Center

Expert weighs in on the legality of a curfew in Ohio
Thaddeus Hoffmeister, School of Law

Answering viewer questions: Is president constitutionally obligated to concede?
Chris Devine, political science

Nation awaits presidential transition
Dan Birdsong, political science

A look at Ohio castle doctrine
Tom Hagel, School of Law


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