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UD in the news Aug. 14-21

USA Today, Bloomberg, The Washington Post, The New Yorker and the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, among others, tapped UD faculty expertise to explain current events, including elections, airports, K-12 students and church music.

President Eric F. Spina joined Sinclair College President Steven Johnson to write about the importance of a high-value credential or college degree for the Dayton Daily News.

High school diploma not enough, high-value credential or college degree a must
Dayton Daily News
Eric F. Spina, president

Airports give travelers 'sensory overload.' Here's how to fix it
USA Today
Janet Bednarek, history 

Kamala Harris seeks to define role of No. 2 on Biden's ticket
Christopher Devine, political science

Five myths about the vice presidency
The Washington Post
Christopher Devine, political science

A look at Kamala Harris
KBS (Korea)
Christopher Devine, political science

Do V.P. picks matter?
The New Yorker
Christopher Devine, political science

Can Joe Biden energize an online convention?
The Columbus Dispatch
Dan Birdsong, political science

Opinion: Elections must adapt to what's now a new reality
Cincinnati Enquirer
Molly Malany Sayre, sociology

How Georgia church choirs have been changed amid COVID-19 worries
Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Donna Cox, music

How to prepare your child for a different school year
Dayton Daily News
Alan Demmitt, counselor education and human services

Montgomery County court suspends jury trials for rest of year
Dayton Daily News
Tom Hagel, School of Law


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