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Center for Leadership programs are postponed until further notice.


Emerging Leader Program  

Employers can help develop future executive leaders with training on the finer points of leadership and business skills during the 2020 Emerging Leader program at the University of Dayton Center for Leadership. Registration is open for the next 12-month, 17-session program that begins Aug. 13, and is geared toward helping employees chart a path to executive leadership. Presenters include faculty from the University of Dayton's School of Business Administration along with consultants to Fortune 500 companies. The Emerging Leader Program is open to the public and costs $13,000; $12,000 for partner organizations. Participants receive a certificate in leadership and admission to two of the Center's future executive development programs. 

Professional Development Programs  

May 5: "Advanced Project Management." This is a follow-up to Project Management Essentials I & II. Participants will take a closer look at the concept of critical path and how to use it when executing a project. The class also includes a two-hour exercise during which participants work in teams to make decisions and develop a project schedule for a client. 

May 12: "Assertiveness. Communicating with Impact" This program will help leaders identify their preference for one of the four personal influence styles and learn how individual styles may hamper interpersonal communication.

May 13: "Effective Decision Making." This program utilizes group exercise, movie clips, real-world examples and case studies to help participants analyze and improve decision-making skills.

May 19: "Powerful Presentation Skills." Participants will learn to use powerful business presentation skills to influence behavior and reach desired outcomes, including tips to reduce nervousness, best practices for visual aids and how to have a strong connection with your audience.

May 28: "Coaching and Evaluating Performance." This session is designed to enhance management skills and prepare participants for the changing demands of today's workforce. Participants will learn concepts and skills to develop the skills of staff members or correct performance issues. 

May 28: “Maximize Your Potential at Work: Individual Lean Six Sigma.” Designed for employees at all levels of an organization, participants will learn the three-step process for continuous improvement. 

June 2: "Leading Change at the First Level." Leading major change is not the same as leading day-to-day operations. In this program, participants will explore the patterns that differentiate great change leaders, focusing on the complicated role of the front-line leader who must follow and lead simultaneously.

June 3: "Project Leadership." This program focuses on the five skills necessary to effectively lead the people associated with a project - identify, communicate with and influence stakeholders; develop a productive project team and make effective project decisions.

June 11: "Employee Engagement: Communicate & Coach High Performance Teams." This program defines what employee engagement is and why it matters. Participants will define and apply strategies in communication to engage employees through clarity in messaging, building trust and fostering interaction. Participants also will learn and apply effective performance management practices that motivate employees in their own development by setting strong goal statements and using effective feedback and coaching.

June 16: "Leadership is Everyone's Business." Participants will discover how they have shown leadership to meet business and personal challenges, allowing them to gain the confidence and skill to increase their use of the Five Practices of Exemplary Leaders. 

June 17-18: "Project Management Essentials I & II." This program focuses on the practical skills, tools and techniques used to effectively manage all phases of a project — initiation, planning, execution and closing. Participants will work on a practical case study project in small groups to clarify the project's goal and objectives, identify deliverables, create a work breakdown structure and build a schedule. 

June 23-24: "Advanced Problem Solving for Team Leaders: Lean Six Sigma Green Belt." This session will help participants gain basic knowledge and skills to lead effective problem-solving teams; understand the five-step Lean Six Sigma problem-solving process called DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control); and understand when and how to use problem-solving tools and techniques.

June 24: "Communications Skills for Leaders." Participants will gain tips to establish goodwill and motivate audience action, organize content strategically for optimal audience engagement, and increase presentation confidence through audience analysis and preparation.

June 25: "Going from Peer to Supervisor." This program will guide new supervisors through the transition from individual contributor to leader. Through small group exercises, group discussion and role playing, participants also will learn strategies, behaviors and critical interactions that lead to becoming an effective supervisor.

The cost for a professional development program is $395 for the general public, $345 for University of Dayton alumni and $299 for center partners.  

Executive Development Programs

May 14: Intentional Purpose: Building Your Brand As A Leader by Dorie Clark, a marketing strategy consultant, professional speaker and frequent contributor to the Harvard Business Review. She is recognized as a branding expert for Forbes and Inc. magazines and is the author of Reinventing YouStand Out, and Entrepreneurial You. 

The cost for executive development programs is $995 for the general public, $945 for University of Dayton alumni and $897 for center partners.

All sessions for every program run all day, unless otherwise noted, and will be on the University of Dayton River Campus at Daniel J. Curran Place.

For more information about Center for Leadership programs and to register, call 937-229-3115 or visit the Center for Leadership website.


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